An Industry of Make-Believe: Why is Hollywood So Damn Liberal?

It's practically a foregone conclusion these days that the vast majority of people working in Hollywood are liberal. Every election they come out, usually in favor of the democratic candidate, telling you who to vote for. Almost like clockwork, you can expect your favorite actor, writer, or director to appear in an interview or online video, supporting liberals, making you look like an idiot (or worse) for thinking otherwise.

This happens so frequently we don't even think about it. We've come to expect that our entertainers, the ones who control what we see on the big screen and television, will be in favor of policies and leaders who are often the opposite of what many Americans support.

But why is this the status quo? Why does it seem that Hollywood is so opposite to the rest of the country?

Or why does it appear that an industry, built around trends and giving people what they want, fail to reflect their audience in this one, crucial area? Every blockbuster season they seem to bend over backwards to meet the demands of the movie-going public, but when it comes to politics, they seem to be forcing liberalism on us.

Sounds a bit contradictory, doesn't it.

Here's this emotional plea from all your "favorite" entertainers, begging you to vote during this all so important election. Notice how they are basically telling you to hate Donald Trump, a conservative who wants to correct the many problems Obama made in office and support a woman whose broken so many laws, gangsters are jealous.

Oh my God! Look at all the famous people telling you what to think! How hypocritical of them. They make millions off our support. Remember, they wouldn't be anything without our eyeballs and dollars. Yet when it comes to politics, they think they know better than you.

Now, I'm not saying you shouldn't go see the next Avengers movie, because you are sickened by RDJ or Scarlett's support of a vile dictator (although they were the ones who supported a draconic pack that tore the Avengers apart in the last Captain America movie). While they want to play political games, the fact remains that Americans can choose to both enjoy movies made by liberals, and reject their flawed and toxic politics.

But how did we come to this state of affairs? Why is it that so many entertainers are liberal? Why does it seem that it's okay for an actor to come out in support of a democrat, but conservative actors (of which there are many) seem to be forced to stay silent?

There are many theories out there. Some, like The Silent Bull, believe it's because people in the performing arts are primarily right-brained individuals. They are more artistic and emotionally driven, so they tend to view politics from this less-rational, more "compassionate" stance.

Some people are right-brain dominant and others are left-brain dominant, and there isn’t anything wrong with either. We need both kinds of people in society. Scientists and engineers, for example, tend to be left-brain dominant as they deal with computations, problem solving, and logic. Actors, as much as they love to publicly express their opinions, are not really the best people to comment on matters of economics, for example. Right-brain dominant people are more likely to let their emotions get in the way when making decisions.

He goes on to say that liberal actor's political stances are largely hypocritical, considering they are millionaires who are speaking on behalf regular folks. They simply don't understand the problems facing middle class America and have no business speaking for them.

Another reason could be that it's simply fashionable to be liberal. Despite the fact that it's 2016, with many new and innovative stances on politics in the air, Hollywood still seems stuck in the 1960's. Back then it seemed morally right to support liberalism, seeing as how it was helping reform Civil Rights and end generations of racial oppression.

But today the Democratic Party looks nothing like the party of King and JFK. Those fights have been won. Yet Hollywood, still run by aging executives that came up decades ago, hold to the outdated tradition that the democrats are still needed to reform our society. News flash guys, there are many democrats in power. They are now the ones that need to be reformed. You're no longer the plucky hippies, pushing for counter-culture against an outdated regime. You are now the outdated regime. It's time for a change.

Actors and entertainers stick to this liberal mindset, largely because they feel it will help them in their careers. Imagine if you were an up and coming actor. Your next role could make or break you. Everyone you meet, from the casting director to producers to other established actors, are talking about how great democrats are. Are you really going to voice a dissenting opinion? The wrong comment could spell doom for your career.

Of course you're going to fall in line.

Then there's the simple hypocrisy that a massive, trillion-dollar industry would be so pro-government. The usual cliché is that big businesses support republicans because they'll give them tax breaks. And small businesses and the working class support democrats because they'll help improve their quality of life.

That certainly isn't the case these days, with some of Hillary's biggest donors being Wall Street and billionaires Soros and Buffett. But what about Hollywood? An industry as large as it, you'd think they'd be happy to support conservatives, who want to limit government overreach and taxation.

An industry that has benefited from the free market values of capitalism and unprecedented freedom of speech would surely love republicans, who vow to protect those virtues. Yet Hollywood still backs the losing horse.

Perhaps it's because Hollywood executives know they are safe from rampant taxation and possible limits of free speech, should liberals have their way. They're the one percent, after all. It wouldn't be too hard for them to find new loopholes in the tax code should the democrats raise taxes, or use their armies of lawyers to defend any movie that violates free speech infringement.

Do you really think Robert Downy Jr.'s millions are at stake in this election? Do you think he'll be hurt one way or another if Trump or Clinton wins? The people truly affected by presidential elections are you and me, working and middle class folks who will suffer should Hillary welcome in 500% more migrants, or eliminate gun rights, or--heaven forbid--let more Top Secret documents fall into the hands of hackers.

So with all that out of the way, we need to decide how to respond. Clearly, Hollywood is interested in protecting itself; they don't care about the fallout of a bad leader taking the White House. They don't care if Hillary drives the rest of the economy into the ground. But how should you respond?

It's really easy to wage war against these liberal, entitled, hypocrites. To get caught up in their biased, unfair rhetoric, their emotional, unfactual pleas on YouTube, and the heavy layers of guilt they try to heap on you for being pro-Trump.

But let's keep in mind that they are the ones with everything to lose. Our support of their products gives them this erroneous platform. If it weren't for our dollars and eyeballs, they'd have nothing. Certainly we've seen celebrities lose everything after a few bombs in the box office. It wouldn't be too hard for them to come to their senses, wouldn't it?

I'm not saying you should boycott the next Avengers movie because Tony Stark made an ass of himself online. I'm not saying you should block any YouTube channel that deems it acceptable to post manipulative and deceptive videos aimed at guilting you into voting for a criminal. I'm not saying you should stop watching The Tonight Show, stop TIVOing The Voice, or unfollowing your favorite celeb on Twitter because they are trying to manipulate you.

But those would be very good ideas.

The fact remains you have the power in this fight. They don't. If you feel that an actor, director, or industry is abusing their position, take it from them.

Let the voices of millions of Americans be heard. Let Hollywood know we are not the docile sheep they think we are. Surely in an age where the biggest platforms are in the hands of the regular people, they need to listen to us, not the other way around.

It would only be a matter of time before their political message change, or goes away for good.


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