Indicted Trump Organization ex-CFO Allen Weisselberg Expects More Indictments: Lawyer

Former Trump Organization financial chief Allen Weisselberg expects additional indictments to be filed in the case, his lawyer said in court on Monday according to CNN.

"We have strong reason to believe there could be other indictments coming," Weisselberg’s attorney Bryan Skarlatos told a judge on Monday.

Skarlatos held up a large manilla envelope that he said he discussed with prosecutors ahead of the hearing.

"It was represented to us by the [district attorney's office] that this package includes documents found in a co-conspirator's basement that are tax documents," he said.

The hearing marked Weisselberg’s first court appearance since he was indicted over the summer.

The attorney did not say who else may be indicted but prosecutors have been looking at other Trump Organization employees, including COO Matthew Calamari Sr., and corporate security chief Matthew Calamari Jr.

Calamari Jr. received conditional immunity earlier this summer after testifying to a grand jury.

Prosecutors are looking at whether the father and son properly paid taxes on fringe benefits they received from the company.

Weisselberg facing 15 counts:

Weisselberg faces 15 state counts, including grand larceny.

He was indicted by a grand jury in an alleged 15-year scheme in which he received a variety of benefits including an apartment, Mercedes cars, and private school tuition for his grandchildren but failed to pay taxes on the perks.

The Trump Organization was also charged in the scheme, though former President Donald Trump himself has not been charged.

Prosecutors say Weisselberg evaded taxes on $1.76 million in income and concealed his residency to avoid paying New York City income taxes.

Trump lawyer not worried:

Prosecutors named Trump personally in the indictment but his attorney Ronald Fischetti told Insider that he is not worried about Trump’s legal exposure because he paid the tuition bills personally and took “no deductions” on them.

"All that money paid for [Weisselberg's] grandson's tuition — to the same school that Donald Trump's son Barron goes to — was paid by Donald Trump personally, never from the company," Fischetti said. "No checks ever went from the company to pay for that tuition."

Fischetti said Trump paid the tuition because Weisselberg’s son was going through an ugly divorce and Trump wanted to make sure the grandchildren of a “trusted employee” could continue going to the pricy private school.

"Donald Trump, out of his generosity, paid for it personally," Fischetti said. "No deductions, no nothing."


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