Indicted Colorado Clerk Tina Peters Loses GOP Primary by 15 — Immediately Cries Voter Fraud

Tina Peters, a Colorado county clerk indicted for breaching the county’s voting system, refused to concede her defeat on Tuesday over baseless allegations of fraud, The Daily Beast reports.

Peters, the Mesa County clerk indicted over her role in the breach, lost to former Jefferson County Clerk Pam Anderson by 15 points in the Republican secretary of state primary.

While Peters, a 2020 election denier, ran on an extremist platform, Anderson on Tuesday vowed to “support local election officials through reliance on evidence-based elections, adherence to the law, training, and funding resources.”

“I will be the fair referee for Colorado to continue to improve both access for voters and securing and enhancing our elections,” she said. “These efforts won’t be driven by partisan politics or campaign talking points but focused on policy and rebuilding confidence in our elections by removing the rhetoric and outright lies that are driving debates in echo chambers.”

Peters cries fraud:

Peters refused to concede, claiming without any evidence that voting machines flipped votes.

“It’s not over,” she told supporters. “I’m sorry we had faith in the system once again.”

Peters was backed in the election by MyPillow founder Mike Lindell, a longtime election conspiracist.

“Biggest fraud!!! We caught them!!!” Lindell said in a text to The Daily Beast. “We caught them in their fraud!!! Prison for Dominion!”

“How the votes came in (in real time). This is impossible!!!!!” he claimed.

Peters faces 10 charges:

Peters was indicted earlier this year on 10 counts in connection with the breach.

Peters faces three felony counts of attempting to influence a public servant, one felony count of criminal impersonation and one felony identity theft charge, and two felony conspiracy charges. She's also been charged with first degree official misconduct, violation of duty and failing to comply with an order issued by the Colorado Secretary of State.


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