Ignorance Is Not Bliss: Stop Lying About Religious Violence

Today the media is working very hard to protect Muslim Americans. I don't know why, they seem to be doing just fine.

With President Trump's temporary halt on accepting travelers from Iraq, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Libya, Somalia, and Yemen, the media- driven largely by the Democrats and political activist groups- has mounted a campaign to paint Trump as somehow anti-Muslim.

Now, if you look through the actual order, you'll see no mention of Islam, Muslims, or religion of any kind. In fact, the order specifically cites 9-11 and terrorism as the causes for placing this halt (it's not a ban but a temporary suspension). And as many people have already stated, the order excludes the countries with the largest Muslim populations.

So why all the outrage? Does Donald Trump really hate Muslims, is he trying to persecute Islam?

It's very difficult to separate Islam from the constant worry of terrorism that is sweeping over the world. Because the people committing these acts of terror are Muslims, who are doing it in the name of Allah and jihad. It's impossible to not associate ISIS, Al-Qaeda, and other terrorist groups with this religion.

While most Americans are sensible enough to know most Muslims in the country aren't radical, Islamic terrorists, the media and the left are using the current climate to portray Muslims as victims. This, despite the fact that Muslims aren't being persecuted in America.

You'd be hard-pressed to find any legitimate instances of Americans persecuting someone because of their Muslim faith. Many of the highly-circulated reports since the election of Muslim-related hate crimes have been proven to be hoaxes.

In fact, according to research done by Milo Yiannopolous, there have been 100 instances of fake hate crimes over the last decade. Many of them revolving around Muslims.

It's almost ironic: the worst acts of terror in the modern age are done by radical Muslims, yet liberals treat them as the victims.

Does this mean all Muslims are bad? Of course not. Terrorists, as well as hate crime hoaxers, are people driven by hate, fear, greed, and deception in order to accomplish a goal. They will use any excuse to justify the horrendous evil they commit across the world.

Religion-inspired violence is especially hard to combat, because how can you reason with someone who believes God is telling them to kill? You're just a human being, after all. Your opinion is worthless compared to an edict from a higher power.

At that point, diplomacy doesn't work. Negotiating doesn't work. The only thing that works is fighting back.

The left doesn't get this. Because of their utterly bankrupt religious background, secular humanist liberals keep thinking the motivations of radical Islamic terrorists have little to do with their religious faith, but sourced in something that can be fixed.

Our nation has consistently misunderstood the challenge posed by jihadist terror, too, in part because our secular leaders and reporters often don’t believe jihadists mean what they say. Too many in the mainstream press believe jihadists are mainly motivated by resentment of colonialism, or by anger over the Iraq war, or by American support for Israel, rather than by the deep and ancient desire to spread fundamentalist Islam across the entire world. (via the National Review)

This kind of ignorance of the true motive of modern-day terror is what is destroying much of the Western world. When leaders in Europe welcomed millions of migrants into their countries, they made significant, fundamental mistakes. Besides being unable to provide basic screening to vet out ISIS plants, they did not understand that shipping in millions of people- with radically different beliefs, backgrounds, cultures, and customs- would cause a historical humanitarian crisis.

They thought the refugees would quickly abandon the ways of life they've held onto for generations and quickly adopt the secular customs of the West. They were utterly wrong.

Now, most refugees aren't terrorists. They're not actively seeking the deaths of their neighbors. But their lifestyles and traditions- derived from countries built on Muslim faith- create extraordinary problems in their new environments.

The secular leaders in Europe refused to acknowledge this, claiming it was "compassionate" to welcome the refugees. Really, they were hoping for a new source of cheap labor. That hasn't worked out either.

Secular humanists, largely liberal people, look down on and frequently underestimate religious people. Be you Christian, Jew, or Muslim, they will think you are less intelligent for believing in a higher power. They will call you superstitious, anti-scientific, or just plain ignorant. Yet their lack of religious faith has created a shocking blind spot when it comes to their decision-making and policy-setting.

They don't understand the existential threat a radical form of religion can create. They don't see how jihadists are not only seeking to destroy Western society, but convert radicals from the inside.

A Syrian migrant, serving jail time for raping a 15-year-old schoolgirl, seduced a female prison guard from Switzerland that helped him escape jail. The prison guard became fascinated with Syria and the Koran while getting to know the migrant.

Hassan Kiko is the convicted sex offender migrant from Syria that was freed from a jail in Dietikon, Zurich in February 2016 thanks to the help of prison guard Angela Magdici. Kiko was not only in jail for the rape of a 15-year-old girl, but the attempted rape and sexual assault of a 19-year-old woman. (via Milo)

While it's understandable that a person could garner an interest in a new religion, the vacuum of faith in daily culture in Europe has created a sickening environment. Secular citizens still have a need for some spiritual guidance, and when their communities, culture, and society don't provide a healthy one, they will be attracted to toxic, radical replacements.

But this plain ignorance of facts and religion is strongly felt here in America. So quick are liberals to attack President Trump and conservatives, they frequently show their lack of understanding.

Whoopi Goldberg is certainly no stranger to outrageous statements on The View, but on Tuesday the co-host made one of the most abstract comparisons in the show’s history. The moment came when Goldberg pondered if the values of the Trump administration are different than that of the Taliban’s.

Luckily, conservative co-host Jedediah Bila stepped in and had to embarrassingly remind Goldberg of an inconvenient truth.

 …there’s a difference between the Taliban, who is beheading people, chopping off heads, and an American president who may have policies that you disagree with. (via Milo)

Um, did Whoopi compare a U.S. President to an oppressive, murderous regime? A regime rooted in a dark interpretation of Islam?

Now Whoopi may have just been using hyperbole, hoping the dull-witted audience that watches The View wouldn't question it. But I have a feeling it was more than that. So determined to twist the facts to deface the President's intentions of protecting America, she was willing to expose her own ignorance.

The American left is losing ground with the public. They may have an ear with the mainstream media, but even they are rapidly dying. Most of America is smart enough to separate Muslims from terrorism, some of us even understand a little bit about the faith and what is really going on in terrorist-backing countries.

But the media and Democrats think we're stupid. They think we're as uninformed as the secular humanists that run the DNC and MSM. But as they continue to belittle us and the constant threat of terrorism, the danger lingers.

The only silver-lining, of course, is that we finally once again have leaders in D.C. that understand the threats we face and are doing something about it.

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