If Warren Is The 'Soul' Of The Democrats, They'll Lose In 2020

It appears as though progressives are truly incapable of learning their lessons. According to New Republic, Elizabeth Warren is the “soul” of the Democratic Party. The opinion piece goes on to provide a critical analysis of the roles Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton played in the 2016 Presidential election before moving onto Elizabeth Warren.

“Elizabeth Warren is very much the north star of the Democratic Party in this moment, providing direction for where the party can go to get out of the darkness,” reads an excerpt from the article. “[She is a] unique figure who has gotten both more popular with her base and more credible with the political establishment.

If this is where Democrats are coming from, they will continue to lose Presidential elections. While elitist progressives may view Warren favorably, many Americans don’t. This represents another core problem with Democrats: they are woefully out of touch with the American people. Progressives need to wake up. Nominating Elizabeth Warren to represent their party in 2020 is not the wisest call. The woman is infamous for her outrageous, wacky statements, so much so that a greater percentage of everyday liberals are not in her fan club.

“She’s been very intentional about building coalitions across the Democratic Party—and occasionally with Republican senators—for her economic populist position and has made it increasingly safe for Democratic politicians to follow her lead,” reads another excerpt.

This is absurd. Warren has made no attempts to build coalitions with Republicans. As a matter of fact, she has frequently launched attacks on President Trump and the Republican Party. This woman is no ally to the GOP and has expressed zero willingness to work with the GOP in any fashion.

Furthermore, Warren’s extreme left-wing views are highly divisive. Even New Republic had to admit that moderate Democrats were unlikely to view her favorably. What elitist progressives fail to understand is that their nominees must be able to reach people from both sides of the aisle. This principle applies to both major political parties, and it’s why President Trump won in 2016. He was able to connect with both Democrats and Republicans. A helpful pro tip for Democrats in favor of nominating Warren is this: extremist candidates are often inherently incapable of attracting bipartisan support.

News of Warren’s emergence as the “soul” of the Democrats quickly made the rounds on social media. Conservatives, in particular, wasted no time in expressing their amusement at this laughable notion. In all honesty, progressives’ glorification of Warren as their leader really shouldn’t come as much of a shock for many reasons. For starters, the Democrat Party has become utterly divisive, hypocritical, and radical. They preach of love, tolerance, and acceptance, yet only extend these generosities towards people who think like them

This trend in the Democrat Party was evident throughout the 2016 Presidential election. First, the Democrats rigged the primaries in Clinton’s favor, essentially depriving Sanders of a fighting chance to secure the nomination. Ironically, many people believe that had Sanders won the nomination, he would have beaten Trump. We’ll never truly know.

Nonetheless, Democrats rigged the primaries against Sanders, then they nominated Clinton despite her horrific track record. By this time, the Democrats already sealed their fate, so they resorted to leaking debate questions and launching false allegations about Russian collusion once they lost the election. Progressives’ inability to accept that their failed policies and dirty dealing were their own undoing is remarkable.

Frankly, the likelihood of Elizabeth Warren being the “soul” of the Democratic Party is probable, although it’s nothing to be proud of. The fact that moderate Democrats don’t view her favorably ought to be a huge red flag to the rest of the party, but it’s not.

Since they failed to learn their lesson in 2016, they’ll likely suffer another loss in 2020. Nominating Elizabeth Warren to represent the Democrat Party is the best things liberals could do for Republicans and conservatives. It engenders a guaranteed win when President Trump runs for re-election in 2020.

In many regards, Elizabeth Warren is either equally or more disliked that Hillary Clinton herself.

In progressives’ eagerness to smear President Trump, they have simply become more and more extreme, thus alienating themselves from moderate Democrats and gradually eliminating more and more chances to attract bipartisan support. This is not how progress happens and the fact that Elizabeth Warren is now the soul and champion of liberals speaks volumes about how out-of-touch the Democrats have become.

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