The Hypocrisy of Race: How the Left Loves You, as Long as You're One of Them

Most people forget that the strongest proponents for slavery in America were Democrats. The stranglehold slavery had on this country could only be broken by the formation of an entirely new political party: the Republicans.

If it weren't for the stalwart efforts of men like Abraham Lincoln and his allies, we may never have ended the horrendous practice of owning human life.

Despite what modern liberals say, racial oppression is alive and well within their own party.  For a short glimmer of time, they were on the forefront of equality.  Men like Martin Luther King Jr., who fought for equal Civil Rights among all Americans, allied themselves with JFK and the Democratic Party.

But we now live in a time where the left seem to have forgotten that Martin Luther once said: "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."

Because despite all our progress, the left still seem to denigrate black people, or any minority, who do not fall in step with their agenda.

I can talk about how the left attacked Sarah Palin, the first woman nominated as Vice President of the United States or their shameful treatment of Ben Carson, who was a black Republican candidate for President.  But there are more recent examples of their horrendous hypocrisy towards people who don't conform.

Project Veritas, who has released video after video exposing the illegal tactics of Hillary Clinton and her cronies, have recently posted a video from a top Democratic donor.  The undercover footage reveals that Benjamin Barber, supporter of Democrat North Carolina U.S. Senate candidate Deborah Ross, compared black Republicans with Jews who helped kill for the Nazis.

He claimed that any black person who supported conservatives were "f*cked in the head."  It seems he couldn't comprehend any African American who thought for themselves and didn't agree with liberal dogma.

Then there's the on-going attacks of Milo Yiannopoulos, a conservative gay supporter of Trump.  The writer and speaker is frequently attacked by so-called gay activist groups, despite his stalwart support for gays in this country.  It's clear that the LGBTQ community in this country loves their fellow gays, so long as they vote Democrat.

I talked about how Lil' Wayne has received death threats from social justice warriors for questioning Black Lives Matter.

Most recently is the shameful attack the left has made on immigrant-turned citizen, Melania Trump.  Throughout this election they have attacked the potential First Lady and her marriage to Donald.  Their latest attacks would be considered racists and xenophobic, had it been made towards a liberal.

Liberals are out in full force online to mock Melania Trump over a speech she gave earlier today highlighting what her goals as First Lady would be.

The Hollywood Reporter described Melania’s words as “so vapidly platitudinous and basic that if her speechwriters were cribbing from anyone, it was Dr. Seuss.”

Of course, if The Hollywood Reporter had chosen to make that statement about anyone else for whom English is a second language, liberals would’ve been up in arms.

By the way, Melania speaks 5 languages – how many liberals can do that?

But this is Donald Trump’s wife we’re talking about so apparently they feel it’s totally alright for them to join in. (via Milo)

Despite your views on the candidates and their respective spouses, there is no way you can justify such hateful slander. The left--the self-proclaimed champions of women, gays, and minorities--use vile and underhanded words to attack a charming, successful woman.

Ironically, if these people had actually listened past Melania’s accent, they would’ve heard her pledge to fight online bullying should she become First Lady.

“We have to find a better way to talk to each other, to disagree with each other, to respect each other,” said Melania.

Ouch.  In a speech decrying online bullying and a lack of respect for each other, what does the left do?  They try to bully the woman and lash out in gross disrespect, only further proving her point.

It's clear the liberal journalists covering Melania's speech didn't bothering listening to the content.  Instead, they used it as an opportunity to criticize the woman's accent and style of speaking.  Did they ever do that when Hillary had a gaff?  Or during one of her many odd moments of behavior or frequent trips to the ground? Not on your life.

The real crime in all this is that it paints the left with such evil colors.  As a conservative, I generally disagree with most of the left's views, but I hold to the fact that even the Democratic Party can be a positive force in this nation.  We can come to a consensus on many issues, learning from the very best of our ideas.  Because of Democrats we have Civil Rights for all Americans; that's not something to ignore.

But because the Democratic Party has been infiltrated by corrupt, vile hypocrites, any noble intentions they may have for this nation have been polluted.  They cannot win over many Americans because of the dirt on their hands.

My advice to the left? Clean house of anyone that stinks of such duplicity, before it's too late.

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