The Hypocrisy of the Left: Why you Should Never Believe A word a Democrat Says

I didn't enjoy watching the debates. Perhaps it's because I'm not naturally an argumentative person...

I'm a man of strong beliefs, but I get no joy from rubbing them in other people's faces. So an event designed for two people to attack each other is naturally repellent to me.

But I suffered through it all, to support my man Donald Trump, as he squared off against Hillary Clinton and wildly biased moderators (shout out to Chris Wallace who was the only fair and reasonable one in all of the debates).

While I cringed at the arguing, interruptions, and general chaos of the debates, there was something far more distasteful, far more revolting, that turned my stomach inside out. That was the frequent, unjustified, and disgraceful attacks Hillary made against Trump.

An election has never been more black and white, good versus evil. You may not like Donald Trump's personality. There are people who balk at his lack of political correctness, his bluntness, and no-nonsense style. But you cannot argue that his intentions are to fix serious problems in our country and in his way, make America great.

Why else would he leave his cushy life as a billionaire mogul to sludge through the muck that is U.S. politics?

On the other hand, we have one of the most corrupt politicians in American history, Hillary Clinton. Surely she is the most corrupt living politician. Thanks to WikiLeaks, Project Veritas, and other whistleblowers, we have learned a shocking amount of corruption in the Democratic Party, all stemming from the Clinton camp.

There is so much evidence proving that Hillary has broken laws, lied, and manipulated our system, it's almost too much to take it. The fact that she has not--at the very least--been urged by the party to step down, is the height of corruption. It is an insult to every honest (albeit misguided) democrat that the DNC has not openly disavowed the woman for her dark, back door, dealings.

She's taken money from Saudi Arabia and other foreign interests and gave them favors. She's broken the law to hide emails from the United States government. She colluded with the media and party leaders to sabotage the campaign of Bernie Sanders. She's lied about her ongoing health problems. She's attacked women who have come forward with allegations that her husband raped them (that's been going on for decades).

Now she exposes the secret nuclear weapon policies of the U.S. president on national television and provokes the aggression of Russia, a nation itching for war.

All of this overwhelmingly disqualifies her to be president. Most of you will agree it's enough for her to go to jail.

Yet when faced with these charges, she not only deflects, but tries to accuse Trump of similar things.

You'll remember in the first debate, when pathetic excuse for a moderator Lester Holt brought up the issue of cyber warfare. Even though Hillary has a proven track record of failing in this area, something even the mainstream media has discussed at length, Holt refused to ask her about how she jeopardized national security by using an unsecure, private email server.

Instead he tosses her a softball question about the future of U.S. security. This gave her the excuse to blame Russia (yet again, with no evidence) for the DNC leaks and make a pathetic connection between Putin and Trump.

This, ignoring the fact that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton meet with Putin numerous times. Did the ridiculous "reset button" stunt while in Russia (a pathetic and silly gesture to say our relationship with the super power was starting over, yeah right), and sold 20% of America's uranium to the country.

But Trump is Putin's buddy.  Sure.

While discussing the vital need to increase the United State's cyber security, Hillary created a false narrative that Russia is hacking her emails, then suggested Trump was behind it. This, while ignoring the fact that HER email server was hacked, by multiple agents, exposing U.S. secrets to our enemies.

I'm sorry, am I taking crazy pills?

Let's move on. The Hillary camp was rocked by the massive release of emails, largely from Podesta's account, revealing all sorts of dirty laundry. It provides more insight into the shameful behavior of Hillary Clinton. Most notable was her "public and private" speech, where she admitted to having a phony opinion on issues to give to the public, while maintain another opinion in private.

Basically that means she's lying to America.

When Chris Wallace confronted her on one of these issues from WikiLeaks, namely her "open borders" policy, given during a speech to Brazilian bankers, she denied it, once again deflecting.

Either Hillary was pandering to the foreign powers, making them believe she was for open borders (a public stance) while really she was against it (private stance) in order to curry their favor. Or she has always been for open borders and is lying to America when she says she's against them.

Regardless she was caught in another lie.

So what does she do, before all of America and international viewers? She blames Russia and claims Trump is behind it.

Um, did someone give me more crazy pills??

Again, there is zero evidence that Russia is behind the hacks. Despite the speculation from the CIA and other Obama-controlled agencies, we don't know who stole Podesta's emails. (I maintain an inside man handed over the files. Democrats can't even trust each other, after all). Yet Hillary is quick to blame a country she's had a relationship with (talk about loyalty), further antagonizing a leader who is all but ready to go to war with the U.S.

There has been no evidence that Trump is working with Putin. Clearly that kind of assertion is laughable, somewhere between "grasping at straws" and "aluminum hat-wearing conspiracies." Trump doesn't know Putin, never met with him. Hillary has worked with the man to get lucrative deals with the U.S. (lucrative for Putin, not us).

Again she is accusing Trump of things she is more than guilty of.

I'd use the old saying "pot calling the kettle black," but I've done that far too many times this election and have worn it out.

But it's not just the grand, pantsuit-wearing pooba that is being hypocritical. It seems the rest of the democrats are following her lead, accusing other people of the wrongs they are committing.

Acting head of the Democratic National Committee, Donna Brazile, has been implicated in the WikiLeaks scandal. We learned that at least once during the primary debates between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders that Brazile was given a question to pass along to Hil ahead of time.

This is wildly against any rules the debate system has in place. Giving Clinton the question ahead of time is like handing a student the answers before a test. She can prepare, with her team of experts and writers, the perfect answer to "wow" the crowd. Meanwhile Bernie will be put on the spot; he would most certainly look unprepared and foolish compared to Clinton.

That is what we call rigging the election.

Despite the proof, Brazile has tried to deflect. Much like Podesta, Tim Kaine, and the rest of the Clinton cabal, they can't defend the leaks. It's undeniable proof. But instead of admitting the fraud and taking their lumps like big boys and girls, they've tried to twist the narrative.

Brazile's excuses, however, really take the cake.

DNC interim chairwoman Donna Brazile categorically denied that she received a debate question on the death penalty in advance in an interview with Megyn Kelly after the third presidential debate (unrelated to the debate in question). The question was for a Democratic primary town hall hosted by CNN and co-moderated by Roland Martin, the journalist who asked it at the forum. This information was revealed in a recent Wikileaks dump of John Podesta's emails.

"From time to time I get the questions in advance," the email subject was titled in a letter written from Brazile delivered to Podesta's Gmail...

Brazile did not give a coherent explanation other than to say she won't respond to content that was stolen, the hacked emails, and that she will not let herself be "persecuted" by Megyn Kelly who grilled her for an explanation. She also accused Kelly of being a "thief."

"As a Christian woman, I understand persecution," Brazile told Kelly. "Your information is false. What you're -- well, for suggestive e-mails were stolen. You're interested and you're like a thief that wants to bring into the night the things that." (via Real Clear Politics)

Full video:

Brazile said she played basketball. She never said she was so good and dodging and weaving. Notice how she refused to acknowledge the blatantly obvious proof that she was bragging, via email, that she was given questions in advanced.  She even accused Kelly of being a thief, when it was Brazile who stole a question from a debate and gave it to Hillary.

 (Pot, kettle. You get the picture.)

What's even more revolting is how she tried to turn herself into the victim. "As a Christian woman, I understand persecution."

Um, what? Honey, you're not being persecuted. You're being called out for your crimes. Real persecution is when Christians in China are set on fire for holding Bible studies. It's when Christian women in the Middle East are raped and mutilated for not marrying a Muslim.

You're a corrupt American politician trying to cover another corrupt politician. You have no idea what it means to be persecuted.

But this is straight out the left's hand book. For years they've been cheating, subverting our system and laws, to get an advantage. They know that on a level playing field they cannot stand up to honest, strong, conservative leadership.

We know this, because when they're called out for their shit, they continue to deny, blame others, and deflect.

It's sad that only now the American public are seeing what we conservatives have known for years. The left is made up of liars, cheats, and criminals. Their policies are bad for America, so they cover that fact up with tricks to deceive the public.

Yet the mainstream media is still trying to cover it up, desperately hoping you didn't notice. But it's too late, the cat's out of the bag.

The only question left is will the future leaders of the Democratic Party learn from these mistakes and begin to play like honest, fair grownups.

I won't hold my breath waiting.

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