Hunter Biden Defends His Position at Burisma But Says He Wouldn’t Do It Again

President Joe Biden’s son Hunter defended himself during a CBS News interview ahead of the release of his new book “Beautiful Things.”

The younger Biden defended taking a position at the Ukrainian energy firm Burisma, which drew allegations of wrongdoing by former President Donald Trump and his allies.

"The question of whether I would do it again though, is no," Biden admitted, arguing that he did not "fully comprehend the level to which this former administration and the people around it would go."

"The difference between the politics that you're talking about in terms of the last, you know, four years… is a very different game," he said. "And I don't want — ever want to again to hand a weapon to people that would use it in an illegitimate way — that they use the weapon of me against my dad."

Biden claims ignorance on laptop:

Biden was also asked about reports that a Delaware computer store owner found a laptop that belonged to him and shared its contents with Trump’s allies.

Biden told CBS that he “truly” does not know whether the laptop was his.

"But whether or not somebody has my laptop, whether or not it was a — I was hacked, whether or not there exists a laptop at all, I truly don't know," he said.

Biden, who described his years-long struggle with drug addiction in the book, added, "read the book and you'll realize that I wasn't keeping tabs on possessions very well for about a four-year period of time."

Biden faces DOJ probe:

Biden is also facing a Justice Department probe into potential tax violations but said he would not seek a plea deal and has been “completely cooperative” with investigators.

He denied that his father ever benefited financially from any of his business dealings.

"Nothing, ever," he said. "Not a nickel... Directly or indirectly, not a nickel, ever."


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