How Are Those Resolutions Working Out For You?

I don't know about you, but I'm not one for New Year's resolutions. Personally, I feel just because the calendar year has changed it doesn't mean I'm at a place to make major changes to my lifestyle.

Sure, it's good to make positive changes in your life, especially when health and money are concerned. But I often find myself needing to make changes throughout the year, not just on January 1st.

However this year it conveniently happened to be the first of the year when I decided to get back into shape. I went back on the Slow Carb Diet, made popular by self-experimenter and bestselling author Tim Ferris.  After two weeks of cutting out sugar, breads, sodas, and other fast-burning carbs, I am happy to say that I've already lost 5 pounds.

I'm optimistic about the rest of the year.

But it looks like there are some people for whom the New Year is bringing all sorts of disappointments. It seems like they are just making the wrong choices for their bodies and lives. They are eating all the wrong kinds of foods and as it turns out, are gaining a lot of weight.

It happens, and it is unfortunate. But you'll never believe who they blame for their problems. Themselves!?  No! They blame President-elect Trump!

Judd Apatow is so upset over the idea of a Trump presidency that he’s having problems controlling his weight and eating habits.

Apatow goes as far as admitting to his stress eating after the election.

“It’s very hard to lose weight in the Trump era, I’m trying so hard to have it not turn into 30 pounds. I think it tests our ability to not want to numb out. There’s so many things that are hard to hear every day that you do want to have some Oreos. Like people say, what do you invest in during the Trump era? I feel like, Hostess Cakes. Most of us are just scared and eating ice cream.” (via Milo)

What an asshole! I mean victim, yes, sad and miserable victim. I've said it before, but I'll say it again: this is what a culture that values safe spaces and trigger warnings produces: people so weak-willed that they cannot live their lives in a healthy way because someone won an election.

How can we take Judd- and the many wilting liberals like him- seriously when he makes such ridiculous claims? Was his self-worth so invested in a Democrat winning the election that he'd let Trump's victory send him into a spiral of depression?

He said he wants to "numb out." Really? A successful filmmaker, writer, and comedian, whose work has topped the box office is so miserable he wants to feel numb? A man married to a beautiful woman, with healthy children, wants to numb out because a conservative is going to take the White House?

This is why so many conservative voices are gaining power these days- America is simply confounded by the left. They lost the election, so instead of getting back to work and helping to contribute to the continued growth and prosperity of the country, they pout, complain, riot, and essentially say "I give up." That's not the face you want to put forward to the American people. It certainly won't win you any good will for elections to come.

Just think about the hypocrisy of Mr. Apatow for one minute. He is enjoying the kind of success that most people can only dream of. He's made it in Hollywood, one of the most cutthroat industries in the world. He's worked with celebrities, athletes, and stars of all walks of life, making shows and movies millions of people go to see. Not to mention the wealth that comes with this kind of career. Yet he callously disregards the millions of Americans suffering from the globalist agenda his party has supported.

I don't need to go into the statistics of how Obama's policies dramatically hurt working Americans.  How so many people in the Rust Belt of the United States voted for Trump after voting for Obama in '08 and '12. These people aren't enjoying the luxuries Apatow and his colleagues enjoy. They worry about where their next paycheck will come from, or how to put shoes on their kid's feet.

Maybe Apatow has forgotten what it's like to be a middle-class American.  Maybe all the Tonight Show appearances and mentions in the celebrity column of the newspaper have numbed his understanding of America. This kind of behavior from the virtual elite of our society is an insult to every American- Democrat or Republican- who is struggling to survive in the modern world.

Apatow is not the only out-of-touch liberal to express such ignorant views.  I wrote not long ago about a woman who dumped her long-time boyfriend because Trump won the election. She literally blamed Trump for her inability to love someone! Talk about a copout. Usually, it's the man who comes up with a bogus excuse for breaking off the relationship, but this girl's takes the cake.

I don't want to blame this kind of idiotic scapegoating on the left's arrogant, Western privilege, but it's a result of the left's arrogant, Western privilege. Try telling anyone in Africa, the Middle East, or Asia about how these liberals are behaving right now. People who struggle under tyrants, dictators, or communist regimes.  People who are killed because of their faith, gender, or dissenting opinion.

But Apatow's getting fat because Trump's a big meany.

He calls this the "Trump era," even though he's not even sworn in yet (as of this writing, his Inauguration is Friday). Apatow uses that term to describe the populist movement that swept Trump into office- as if it's a bad thing for Americans to want a President that puts them first, a President that refuses to sacrifice our sovereignty to placate greedy global powers. A President that will protect our borders from criminals and terrorists.  A President that won't give handouts to the poor, but create opportunities that will pull them out of poverty.

I can talk about the other preposterous things celebrities have been doing in the wake of Trump's win. Like the women in Hollywood so determined to support one of the most reprehensible organizations in history, Planned Parenthood, with a march on Inauguration Day. A march, by the way, that is already falling apart because of aggression from black activists. Or of course Madonna, trying to gross out everyone on the earth with talk of her pubic hair.

But Apatow's statement encapsulates the arrogance and idiocy of liberal celebrities. They have become so accustomed to their pampered, sheltered realities that they actually think their opinions matter. They get one vote, just like the rest of us. And when their choice loses, they need to suck it up, like the rest of us, and get on with their lives.

I have some advice for Judd, as if he'd ever listen. Become a good example for the many comedians and writers who look up to you. Instead of looking for ways to tear America apart, give back, work hard, and be an inspiration. Don't give bloggers like me an excuse to criticize you.

Perhaps make that your New Year's resolution. It's not too late.

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