House Republicans No Longer Trust The GOP Senate

The revelation that Republicans are no longer trustful of the Senate has come to light, as reported by The Hill. This especially applies to House Republicans who understandably have some reservations and skepticism about the GOP Senate’s ability to do their job and approve the necessary reform so it can arrive on President Trump’s desk. Furthermore, the Senate’s inability to do their job and approve one of the multiple proposals that would have at least partially repealed Obamacare did not help their cause whatsoever. Now that tax reform is one of the next major reform measures which will have to go through the Senate in order to pass, House Republicans are justifiably worried.

Multiple House Republicans have expressed their concerns, citing the Senate’s almost intentional sabotage of President Trump and their lack of results:

Donald Trump won with an electoral landside and his three big campaign points were ObamaCare repeal, tax reform and border security. For a handful of senators to derail that agenda is very frustrating, noted Texas Republican Blake Farenthold.

Oklahoma Republican Tom Cole shared similar feelings:

We do need to see them step up and actually deliver for a change. We have over 200 bills sitting stalled over there. They haven’t been able to deliver on [health care] reform and they all ran on it and now we have a do-or-die moment on tax reform…They put our majority in jeopardy with their failure on health care, more than they did their own.

Despite not having as many seats up for grabs in 2018 as House Republicans, the GOP Senate still has a responsibility to step up. First and foremost, they owe it to the American people who elected them into office. Then, they owe it to their colleagues. If the people of this nation AND other Congressional Republicans are complaining about the performance of the Senate, that should serve as a stark reminder for them to get their act together and get reform passed.

Moreover, for the Senate to successfully secure the votes and support to pass reform, there are a few things they need to understand. Firstly, not everyone is going to be 100% satisfied. The GOP Senate appears to struggle with this realization considerably, and it’s hurting the nation as a whole. The “all-or-nothing” approach that many Senators have chosen to adopt is not helpful, nor is it effective. Compromise, not stubbornness, is what gets the job done and keeps things moving.

House Republicans are not the only ones displeased with the GOP Senate. Many Americans expressed their frustration with the Senate, especially within the past 48 hours since they tanked the repeal of Obamacare yet again. Graham-Cassidy was not an ideal proposal. However, it returned power to the states and terminated requirements for people to purchase something they either may not want or need. Sadly, this didn’t matter to certain members of the Senate, namely Susan Collins, Rand Paul, and John McCain. Because the bill did not meet all of their standards, or fully repeal Obamacare the way they would have liked, they refused to support it.

As a result of this, Obamacare is still in place. The GOP Senate seemingly doesn’t care. In their minds, no repeal at all is better than a partial repeal, which is very unfortunate. At some point, Republicans will have to put their egos aside. Sometimes things have to be done in steps and stages. Not everything can or will happen all at once. This means if a bill partially repeals Obamacare, GOP Senators need to step up to the plate, approve it, and then push for additional reform at a later date. Quite frankly, their inability to realize this is alarming. These are people who are making decisions that will impact millions of people. Republicans need to get their stuff together immediately.

Hopefully, tax reform will not be a repeat of Obamacare. This is the concern of many Americans and many House Republicans. Past performance is often an indicator of future performance. However, tax reform is slightly less polarizing than healthcare reform. Many people see the need to decrease taxes. Unlike healthcare reform, there is a possibility that some centrist or moderate Democrats may come on board and support tax reform. However, like all things, only time will tell. Nevertheless, whether a few Democrats support the proposal or not, the GOP Senate still has an obligation to do their job and see to it that tax reform goes through.

Since Senate Republicans have repeatedly let down the people of this nation and the House Republicans, they will now have to work in order to atone for it. Putting egos aside, keeping the best interests of the American people in mind, and remembering their campaign promises are great starts. Tax reform is the next big thing, although, at some point, the GOP will have to revisit healthcare. Obamacare becomes more and more unaffordable with each passing second and at some point, the entire system is going to implode. When it does, the Senate had better be prepared to do what needs to be done and take the proper action as they should have done months ago.

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