Hillary Clinton Is Four Investigations Deep In Trouble

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, having lost one of the most easily winnable elections in her 2016 presidential race against Republican challenger President Donald J. Trump, can’t seem to leave the public eye without a trail of scandals following short behind.

As to which scandal you’re up to speed with, and which investigation could see the president “lock her up,” it’s perfectly normal if you’ve accidentally begun to muddle them all in together.

Six days into 2018, approaching Congress’ mid-term elections, the former Democratic nominee is staring down a total of three confirmed investigations, with a potential fourth on the way.

In Newsweek, she described these investigations as “baloney” and attempts for the Trump team to “divert attention” from special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian corruption and rumors of their unspecific intervention to assist Trump in the race.

Listed below, for your viewing pleasure, are all the current and potential scandals plaguing the former Democratic nominee as we enter another year of investigations:

1. The Clinton Foundation

In an article published this morning by The Washington Post, reporters Matt Zapotosky and Devlin Barrett revealed the FBI has been investigating possible corruption involving The Clinton Foundation for several months. Anonymous sources familiar with the case claim their probe was “dialed back” during the 2016 election, due to the appearance of politically charged motives between the Justice Department prosecutors, with former Attorney General Loretta Lynch having an unsupervised, unethical meeting with Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton, and FBI agents under former director James Comey.

In a statement to The Hill, spokesman for the Clinton Foundation, a man by the name of Craig Minassian, said: “Time after time, the Clinton Foundation has been subjected to politically motivated allegations, and time after time these allegations have been proven false. None of this has made us waver in our mission to help people.

The Clinton Foundation has demonstrably improved the lives of millions of people across America and around the world while earning top ratings from charity watchdog groups in the process. There are real issues in our society needing attention that the Clinton Foundation works hard to solve every day. So we’re going to stay focused on what really matters.”

With their investigation apparently being run out of some FBI field office in Little Rock, Arkansas, the state where Bill Clinton was the former Governor and Attorney General, agents have interviewed one witness and state their main focus will be on whether any donations and meetings with the Clintons and associates of the foundation are linked to “official [government] acts” that influenced the work of Hillary Clinton, the Obama-era secretary of state from 2009 to 2013. Essentially, what we would describe as “pay-to-play politics.”

This leads us to the next scandal:

2. Uranium One

In late-December of 2017, the Trump administration’s Attorney General, former Alabama senator Jeff Sessions, ordered federal prosecutors within the Department of Justice to begin scouring through evidence the FBI has collected during their investigation into Hillary Clinton and a controversial deal with the Russians, dubbed Uranium One.

“Uranium deal to Russia, with Clinton help and Obama Administration knowledge, is the biggest story that Fake Media doesn’t want to follow!” President Trump tweeted last October amid his own Russia investigation.

Where this gets interesting is in the political power being wielded over a particular FBI witness, protected under anonymity, who was blocked by the Obama Justice Department from speaking to Congress regarding the Clintons’ involvement in the Russian nuclear sector and political favors which may have emerged during their time in office.

Attorney Victoria Toensing, a former Reagan Justice Department official and former chief counsel of the Senate Intelligence Committee, said she wants the Trump-led Justice Department to allow her client to speak freely in a country which has a free speech and free expression law in their constitution.

“All of the information about this corruption has not come out,” she told The Hill in an interview “And so my client, the same part of my client that made him go into the FBI in the first place, says, ‘This is wrong. What should I do about it?’”

Such actions may result in the reveal of bribery, extortion, money laundering, tax invasion, a whole assortment of ways to best help the Clinton name.

If, say, Clinton did want to protect her name, it’s only fitting that she decided to get herself what’s known as:

3. An Unencrypted Private Email Server

What else are you going to use for potential pay-to-play instant messaging? The Hill’s report on The Clinton Foundation elaborated on what may come forward regarding The Justice Department and their reexamination of Clinton’s use of a private email server.

A scandal which plagued Clinton during her 2016 bid for the presidency, this private email server, which was left unencrypted for several months, contained what was deemed moderate to highly classified information, with members of Clinton’s team deleting 30,000 emails, without a security clearance, without any indications as to their classification or significance.

In John Solomon’s report, Comey’s original drafted speech, made several months before he publicly made a decision on Clinton’s actions, was drafted down by anti-Trump FBI agent Peter Strzok, softening the language with the removal of terms such as “gross negligence,” which was used multiple times in the original draft, as well as the removal of key evidence which would have shown Clinton to be found committing a felony. Ultimately, former director James Comey, which Clinton has blamed for her electoral loss, decided not to press charges because he believed she, as well as her aides, didn’t intend to break the law. Which raises even more concerns as to whether negligence and ignorance of the law is indeed a solid defense. For the Clintons, it worked.

According to The Daily Wire, a senior law enforcement official told Solomon that the DOJ “was exploring whether any issues from that probe should be re-opened but cautioned the effort was not at the stage of a full investigation.”

Which leaves one more scandal breathing down her neck:

4. Hezbollah Drug Trafficking

While a relatively new scandal, congressional leaders have called for an investigation into an alleged $1 billion-a-year funding stream from drugs, weapons trafficking, money laundering and other crimes relating to the Iranian-backed group Hezbollah.

This was done after an extensive article in Politico which detailed an investigation by the Drug Enforcement Agency, dubbed “Project Cassandra,” which was sabotaged by the administration for securing the Iran Nuclear Deal, an agreement the United States later broke by placing more sanctions on the country.

With Clinton being Obama’s Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013, the highest diplomat leading the State Department which would have been involved in the decision, it could all fall on her shoulders.

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