Here’s a Copy of Playboy ft. America’s Potential President?

Yes…You Read that Correctly.

As recently publicized by CNN and broadcasted across multiple media platforms, CNN’s KFILE has uncovered three Playboy videos where Donald Trump has made appearances. Although the appearances are relatively tame for Playboy’s standards, it seems rather odd the potential future leader of the free world is featured in videos produced by a company that arguably objectifies women and promotes unhealthy sexual behaviour.

Before any of you panic, CNN’s KFILE has confirmed Trump does not appear nude in any of the movies’ scenes, nor are they sexually explicit.  In one movie, he is shown photographing a fully-clothed Playboy model, interviewing a potential Playboy model in another scene, and hanging out backstage at a Playboy show with his now-wife and former model Melania Trump.

However, it does raise many concerns about the way Trump views, treats and addresses women. It's no secret that Hillary Clinton is fighting for women’s rights, including critical subjects like maternity leave, equal pay and domestic abuse.  It is also no shock to anyone that Trump does not have the best record of discussing and treating women respectfully in both public and private conversations. 

Any one remember Rosie O’Donnell’s rather interesting shout out by Trump during the first presidential debate? What about the time he mocked Hillary's illnesses and focused on her appearance during that same televised event?

His other recent scandal of calling Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado “Miss Piggy” due to her weight gain after being crowned received heavy media attention. Trump was criticized for the way he addressed and treated Alicia Machado, and was subject to public backlash as a result. In retaliation to Ms. Machado’s claims, he tweeted to his many followers and encouraged them to check out her “apparent sex tape”- an action no political figure should ever encourage nor a topic a presidential candidate should discuss so frankly and abruptly.

Why should we care if Donald Trump was featured in Playboy videos more than a decade ago? What does that have to do with politics?

With election night so close away, it is critical to really think about Trump’s attitude towards women. Not just beautiful, tall and skinny women, but all women.  2016 was an important year for women’s rights: social topics viewed as taboo, including equal pay, sexual violence and reproductive rights, are now the forefront of public dialogue and promoted to be discussed on social media platforms. Female CEO’s and political figures are making history, including Hillary Clinton. The newly-elected president must empower women to continue breaking down barriers, not build more around them.

For those eligible to vote, think about your mother, your sister, your girlfriend, your wife, your grandmother, your cousin, your friend…the list goes on.  In a time where female empowerment needs to be encouraged and positively promoted, America needs a leader who truly believes in equality.

As I continue to state, if eligible, please remember to exercise your power to vote!



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