"He Will Not Divide Us": Let's Appreciate The Irony

This week saw the takedown- yet again- of national loon Shia LaBeouf's protest, livestream, uh... living art display entitled "He Will Not Divide Us."

The former actor has taken to the streets since the election of Donald Trump in what can only be called a bizarre act of resistance. He had been running a livestream outside the Museum of the Moving Image in New York. The content of that livestream? Well along with chants of "He will not divide us," Shia talked with people who happened to pass by about his discontent with our new president.

It was part protest, part art exhibit.  Although as an artist and student of art, I didn't see much creative value in putting up a camera and parroting five words over and over again ad nauseum.

I'm sort of saddened to see the course of Shia's life. He was a child actor, who grew up to become a pretty competent and natural performer. But recent years have led the man to behave in not-so-competent ways. Um...

I mean, it made a nice meme at least. But it was a bit scary. I mean, who doesn't like an angry, bearded man shouting at them?

After a few heated moments in New York- including a violent confrontation with Trump supporters- the museum decided to shut Shia's livestream down. But that's okay, a recognizable, popular figure like Shia can find other venues.

So he set up shop in, where else? Albuquerque, New Mexico. The home of radical dissent (I'm assuming).

But he didn't get very far in his continued ravings against the Commander in Chief, when more trouble found him.

Shia LaBeouf’s anti-Trump live stream has been taken down yet again following reports of shots being fired in its vicinity...

It’s unclear if the shooting is linked to the live stream – or if the takedown is permanent. Still. many social media users have since responded to that tweet with ridicule for the project. (via Milo)

It doesn't take much to see the irony of Shia's art exhibit. He calls it "He will not divide us," suggesting that the president is either actively trying to divide the country or by his actions is dividing the country. Yet Shia's own behavior shows he is intolerant of anyone that doesn't agree with him. By his very own actions, Shia is dividing people.

I wrote a while back whether or not it was American to hate the president. While you have the right to speak your mind in this country, even put on a livestream like Shia, saying the Trump isn't your president is simply ludicrous. Shia's actions echo the behavior of many in Hollywood, who by their negativity and animosity show they do not support or acknowledge the leadership of President Trump.

They were all on board when Obama was in office, even when he reduced the size of our military, created a terrible health care system, violated federal law to protect criminals, and empowered the deep state to spy on every American (and our allies).

Call me crazy, but those sound like pretty divisive things to do.  They especially don't sound like things a good, honest liberal could support.

I'm sure Shia and the many celebrities in La La Land have nothing but good things to say about Obama's "legacy." 

President Trump has been in office only a month, and we hear no end of complaining from liberals.  They oppose him at every turn. And what are his major crimes? Trying to rebuild the American economy, keep out illegal immigrants, and crack down on terrorism.

Wow, what an asshole.

Most of what the left accuses him of has no bearing in reality, or in even what Trump plans to do.  Watch this psychopath rant on Tucker Carlson's show. She has some strong words against President Trump, yet do we hear any logical evidence to verify her claims? Liberals love throwing around the word "fascism" these days, yet they have failed to show how Trump is limiting freedom of speech, equality for minorities and gays, or depriving Americans of their fundamental rights.

Recent protests and movements on the part of the left have shown they are more willing to divide us than Trump is. In a recent press conference, Trump vowed to do everything in his power to bring the country together, asserting that it's been divided for many years. (In my opinion, America is not divided, at least in the ways that count, only politically.)

Yet what are liberals in high profile positions doing? Dividing us.

When celebrities get up on stage and attack our president, they are also attacking every American that not only voted for him, but those that just want our country to succeed. You may have voted for Hillary Clinton, but Trump is president now. Don't you want to see him help strengthen our economy, defeat ISIS, and lead America into a new season of prosperity?

Of course you do, shut up.  You might not like everything about him, but only a terrorist hopes that a President is a complete failure.

Celebrities are in a unique position to inspire the public. We've seen how little they can affect an election, but as artists with large platforms, they can do a lot of good in healing our collective psyches.

We're all reeling from what feels like a never-ending political season. We all can use a break from the angry rhetoric from both sides of the spectrum. Where else can we look for relief but our friends in the entertainment world?

Instead, all we're seeing from people like Shia LaBeouf is bitterness, anger, and more division. They are not encouraging people to work together, finding common ground on which we can unite. They are looking to push their own biased opinions, fueled by heavy doses of disappointment that "their side" lost.

Rarely do we see actors and celebrities do the right thing and bring people together. Or when they do, they are not given the attention they deserve.

During an interview with ChannelFi, popular actor Matthew McConaughey was asked about President Trump while discussing his new movie, ‘Gold.’ His brilliant response is sure to cause anger in Hollywood and for others on the left...

“Well, they don’t have a choice now. He’s our president. And, it’s very dynamic and as divisive of an Inauguration and time as we’ve had. At the same time, it’s time for us to embrace and shake hands with this fact. And be constructive with him over the next four years.” (via Milo)

Now I don't want to say that McConaughey is much more mature and wise than Shia, but McConaughey is much more mature and wise than Shia. I guarantee that McConaughey isn't a fan of everything Trump says; as an actor, he's very likely to hold to popular liberal ideas. But he has exhibited the kind of reasonable attitude that every American should have.

The irony of Shia's protest art piece is self-evident. In claiming that Trump won't divide our country, Shia himself is dividing people, exacerbating a climate that should in time subside. We do not have to march to the beat of his drum.

It's up to us to find common ground with our neighbors and friends, to unite over the issues that matter the most. It's up to us to support our President and hope for the best, being sure to speak out over those issues with which we disagree.

Only then can we truly say that Trump isn't dividing us.

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