He, She, Ze? A Modern User's Guide to Genderless Pronouns

I hope you didn't click on this article thinking I was going to defend gender fluidity... 

My ironic title was merely a clever trick into getting you to reading at least one article online that is rooted in basic common sense.

If you're offended, I am terribly sorry.  Sorry that you are so backwards you don't understand basic biology.

The vast majority of human beings understand the genders. Most of us can look down and see for ourselves what it means to be male or female (it's right there between our legs). It is one of the most fundamental realities of human existence. Either you're a man, or a woman. Case closed.

Yet there is a group of people who seem to have a hard time grasping these indisputable, scientific facts. They refused to use such normal pronouns as "he," "she," or even "guys" and "girls." These people have a hard time admitting we are born either male or female (ignoring the shockingly few people born hermaphrodites, a genetic mutation).

You'd think that such ignorant, stupid, uneducated people would live on the outskirts of society. Surely people as ill-informed as they, who don't understand basic anatomy, live in the backwoods of America. Or perhaps are from a third world country.

Nope, they are college students.

It seems that one of the warped, ridiculous goals of the LGBTQ-XYZWW-etc movement is to reinvent the genders. Not content with getting our government and society to give them general acceptance as homosexuals, convincing the Supreme Court to grant them the right to get married, they need to take it a step too far.

You see, there are no more fights left for the gay community. They can openly marry a same-sex partner. What else is there to fight over? They're not getting thrown in jail for homosexuality (which was always terrible). They have equal status in the workplace. There are even laws in place to protect them from discrimination.

But there are people in the gay community that still want to fight. "It's not enough!" they shout. "We need more ridiculous causes to shove down society's throat!"

I maintain that most gay Americans are happy with just living their lives. They understand that there will always be people not 100% on board with their lifestyle. But who cares? In America they are free to get married, raise families, have a career, all the same crap the rest of us have to deal with. They can even forego all that and just have a wild and debauched time, free of judgments.

But there is a fringe of young, misguided misanthropes, who don't understand the wonderful edict of "Live and let die." These obnoxious upstarts want to force their half-backed, ignorant ideas on everyone they meet.

Listen, kids. We understand that as college students, you're not fully done yet. Science has shown that the human brain isn't even done maturing until age 25. So us grownups understand that all you brats will act erratically from time to time. You might possibly have the foolish notion that human genders are wrong and that basic language like he and she are perhaps evil.

But don't shovel that shit on the rest of us. We've got bills to pay.

Faculty at the University of Toronto are up in arms following a professor’s refusal to use ‘genderless pronouns.’

According to them Jordan Peterson, the professor in question, could spark a rise in ‘hate speech’ on campus.

That’s a bit confusing, especially since mandatory ‘genderless pronoun’ use is relatively new in Canada; it wasn’t a thing until the country’s government began moving to pass Bill C-16, also known as the ‘Transgender Rights Bill.’

Essentially, calling someone ‘he’ or ‘she’ when they really want to be called ‘ze’ is on track to becoming on par with using racial slurs.

Peterson doesn’t like this one bit. In an effort to oppose the bill, he’s been attending free speech rallies and publishing articles online explaining his viewpoint. (via Milo Yiannopoulos)

Do you think this kind of stupidity is isolated to our Northern friends? Sorry my dears, that kind of attitude exists in colleges across America. Should we get another liberal president in the White House, we could be seeing the same kind of idiotic legislation in the good ol' U. S. of A.

Already free speech is hampered by laws attacking "hate speech." While I would never endorse racist, vile, slander against anyone, the fact remains that radical groups use such legislation to inhibit free speech.

Surely there are people out there who would deem my criticism of activist gays and college students as hate speech; only because I'm calling them on their bullshit.

It's fine for young people to challenge social norms. In reality, that's something everyone should be doing at that time of life. But there's a big difference between questioning something for your own sake and forcing half-developed ideas onto the rest of society.

We saw how badly that worked out for the counter-culture movement in the 1960's.

Instead of nutting up and doing what all college students should do--get an education so they can get good jobs in the future--these infantile children are inventing new problems to hamper our society.

We might one day live in a world where a boss can't compliment a co-worker, for fear he will offend his/her gender identity. That already happens when sexual harassment laws are manipulated.

"What, you think I look good in this dress? You're coming on to me!!! I'll have your job, you bastard!"

It'll only get worse from there.

So what is the remedy to this tide of stupidity? What if Canada or the U.S. passes laws that make using "he" and "she" offensive? What if we end up in a society so stupid, we don't even know what to call each other?

Simple: rebel.

If these misguided idiots in college can cause a dust up, so can we. We need to take a stand against any threat to our way of life and values, be it radical Islamic terror, or a college professor who wants to destroy gender identity.

These radical morons can't get any traction, if the vast majority of people resist them. And why shouldn't we? This is basic biology, folks. We're not fighting to let gay people adopt children, or protect them from going to jail. We are simply standing up for the right to use real science.

That's a fight we'll always win.

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