Hate Crime Hoaxer Yasmin Seweid Pleads Guilty

Many liberals quite literally lost their minds following the election of President Donald Trump. This is especially true of Yasmin Seweid, the Muslim woman who lied about being attacked by white male Trump supporters who supposedly tried to rip off her Hijab. However, new reports from Pamela Geller indicate that Seweid has since pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct and falsely reporting an incident. Seweid will now have to fulfill 72 hours of community service in addition to six months of counseling. The irony of this is that while Seweid attempted to vilify Trump supporters, in the end, she only made herself look bad.

Generally, when someone is lying about an assault, there are certain dead giveaways. First and foremost, there were absolutely no individuals who witnessed (what we now know to be) Seweid’s fictional assault. If angry white men really were attempting to rip off her Hijab, such a scene would have definitely caused a commotion. In an age where everyone has a cell phone, the incident would have been recorded, posted to social media, and instantly gone viral.

Seweid should be happy that all she has to do is go through counseling and community service. Knowingly filing a false police report can result in a criminal sentence. This woman knew exactly what she was doing, and quite frankly, she got off too easy. Feigning to be the victim of a hate crime is a slap in the face to people who truly have suffered through these atrocities. Furthermore, Seweid’s disturbingly light conviction sends a message to others who may be considering her course of action that framing people merely results in a slap on the wrist.

Seweid’s gross misconduct and flagrant lies place the wellness of her mental state into great question. What kind of individual does what she did? Her aversion to President Trump is not the issue. She has every right to dislike the President, but what she doesn’t have the right to do is make up lies, waste the resources of law enforcement, and defame people’s character. What was the true motivation behind her actions? Was this a desperate plea for attention or something more sinister? Mere counseling is not enough. Seweid should be given a thorough psychological examination to truly assess the state of her mental health.

Before President Trump was elected into office, liberals whined and complained that he would tear this country apart, but this is exactly what they are doing. The President and his supporters are not the ones vandalizing public property, attacking people with clubs, and tearing down historical monuments; liberals are. Democrats need to look in the mirror and face what their party has become. President Trump is not the problem. Republicans are not the problem. Conservatives are not the problem. Trump supporters are not the problem. Liberal Democrats are the problem, and until they acknowledge this, more Yasmin Seweids will continue to come out of the woodwork.

The fact that Seweid was automatically believed and hailed as a poor, oppressed victim by the media also speaks to a more malevolent problem in America. The mainstream media consistently complain about the President referring to them as ‘fake news,’ but that’s exactly what they are. The media lauded Seweid and reported on the evil bigotry and hatred of conservatives and Trump supporters. All the while, this woman was lying and making the story up as she went along. Will Seweid issue an apology? Will the media apologize to the Trump supporters and conservatives who were demonized as a result of her lies?

Where are the liberal denunciations? Each time a conservative or Trump supporter has dared to step out of line with the smallest infraction, Democrats have demanded that the President disavow the behavior. Why have the liberals not disavowed Seweid? With every passing day, the liberal hypocrisy becomes even more apparent. Is there no end to this madness?

Democrats and Trump critics need to sit down and ask themselves some serious questions. What does their conduct say about them? What happened to Michelle Obama’s infamously coined phrase “when they go low, we go high?” This does not seem to apply to liberals.

Ironically, “when they go low, we go high” is much more applicable to conservatives. When was the last time right wingers took to the streets, vandalized property, attacked civilians, and feigned being victims of hate crimes? This is the legacy of the Democrats, and it’s is not becoming in the slightest. They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

To prevent further instances of fabricated hate crimes being taken seriously, there needs to be evidence. This is not to say to that people who report hate crimes should not be believed, however, there should be at least a sliver of existing proof in most cases.

 If someone is brutally attacked in front of countless people, as Seweid claimed to be, the likelihood of existing proof is extremely high. As previously mentioned, not one person captured Seweid’s so called attack on their phones and there was no video surveillance footage to substantiate her claims.

Yasmin Seweid, shame on you!

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