Gorsuch Is The Perfect Replacement For Justice Scalia

Let’s face this reality: the mouthpieces for the Democratic party, headed currently by Senator Chuck Schumer, are not interested in discussing facts.

Demonizing those even tangentially connected to the right, and particularly those nominated for or appointed to public office by President Trump, has become a reality more dependable than the sun’s daily rise.

When it comes to Neil Gorsuch, the newly confirmed ninth justice on the Supreme Court, we should have expected the Hitler-ization of his character to be even more vitriolic and hyperbolic than any of Trump’s nominees.

After all, the lifetime reign that a Supreme Court justice is privy to makes the position one that carries implications much more lasting than any other position within government.

But, as the educated and rational American populace has come to understand in the months since the election truly heated up, outrage on the left has become commensurate to a temper tantrum borne out of deep-rooted ignorance.

Emotional politics has long run amok in the narratives irresponsibly espoused by the left. The likes of Schumer, Harry Reid, and Elizabeth Warren- Pocahontas herself- have stoked the flames of fact-distortion for what they perceive as their own political gain.

So, just like allegations of bigotry levied against Steve Bannon and incompetence against Betsy DeVos, we sidestep the platitudes and get to the facts about Neil Gorsuch, his record as a judge, and the ample reasons why his nomination is a fair and just one for America.

In other words, the modern progressives’ kryptonite: irrefutable, mind-numbing facts. Cold and hard.

A Radical Conservative? Hardly…

Donald Trump is arguably the most liberal conservative ever to be elected to the presidency of the United States.

So naturally, the left casts him as a minority-hating serial grabber of disabled vaginas.

With that in mind, would it surprise you to find out that Neil Gorsuch is not the cross-burning, Roe v. Wade rejecting evangelist that he has been portrayed as?

Because it should not surprise you, not in the least.

In fact, Gorsuch prepared for his esteemed career as a federal judge and Supreme Court justice in the notoriously leftward leaning confines of Columbia University.

He followed up his undergraduate years by obtaining a law degree from Harvard, not exactly known as a bastion of Conservative thought. And a pretty good school to boot.

What say you about that, my liberal friends?

If that was not enough to convince one of Gorsuch’s measured, impartial approach, consider this stat: A Wall Street Journal study found that 98% of Gorsuch’s opinions for the 10th District Court were approved unanimously.

This is a federal court in which seven of the twelve justices were appointed by Democrats.

What gives, progressives? Something has to give.

Further, his decisions were upheld by the Supreme Court in seven of eight instances, with four of them constituting unanimous rulings.

Does this sound like a justice bent on yanking the steering wheel of the Supreme Court hard to the right?

No, and that is exactly why Gorsuch’s consensus-building approach makes Chuck Schumer bristle. Unlike the left, Conservatives have little interest in utilizing the judicial branch as a political tool- only as a balanced, deliberate consciousness watching over a nation increasingly populated by zealots.

He’s neither Donald Trump nor the Republican party’s sock puppet, and this again shows how shockingly restrained President Trump has been in many of his decisions so far as president.

Gorsuch himself wrote this about judges in his opinion regarding U.S. v. Nichols:

“…ours is supposed to be an independent judiciary making decisions based on the legal merits without respect to the vagaries of shifting political winds.”

Again, the issue Democrats have with Gorsuch emerges: shifting in accordance with political winds is exactly what they desire in a Supreme Court justice, but only if that wind is blowing with hurricane force leftward.

With respect to Sonya Sotomayor, the first female Latina judge with a history of leftward leaning decisions is exactly the type of justice one would expect President Obama to appoint.

But despite Elizabeth Warren’s shaking-in-her-boots rhetoric, President Trump did not reciprocate with a nominee who leans as obviously right as Sotomayor does left. This is precisely why you will find so few facts within arguments against Gorsuch’s confirmation.

But hey, the “progressive” left has shown one thing if not basic human integrity: they never let facts get in the way of a divisive political agenda.The Ideal Replacement for Scalia

Would I confound your intelligence if I told you that Gorsuch’s confirmation is not in fact proof that the sky is falling?

In reality, quite the opposite is true. Gorsuch is the rightful heir to the shoes Justice Antonin Scalia suddenly left to be filled, and this tit-for-tat replacement of justices is exactly how the Supreme Court should evolve.

Keep in mind, this is the same Supreme Court that legalized same-sex marriage and allowed Obamacare to proceed despite its many and, at the time, unexamined flaws.

In most Conservatives’ minds, these decisions were a betrayal of their values ironically decided by Justice John Roberts, the same man they had seen as the face of a new generation of right-leaning Supreme Court justices.

Regardless of how you feel about those decisions, the Supreme Court, even with Scalia’s powerfully traditionalist voice considered, has more than a healthy dose of liberal thought.

To protest Gorsuch- a judge with a textualist approach to the Constitution similar to Scalia’s own- shows just how ignorant and insatiable the left has become.

The 2016 election has Democratic leadership scrambling for means to get their agenda back on track, and Obama’s failed attempt at appointing yet another liberal justice served to heighten the sense of desperation.

In their mind’s eye, anything short of a justice who sees the use of gender pronouns as an issue to be taken on by the Supreme Court would likely be inadequate.

Which makes the dose of sanity and surprising tact Donald Trump has re-injected into the Executive Branch all the more refreshing, comforting even.

Neil Gorsuch is qualified, measured in his approach, and is above political influence as much as a justice can prove to be.

And, like Betsy DeVos, Steve Bannon, and the other highly contested Trump appointees, he’s not the wolf coming to blow America’s house down.

No matter how many times the liberals cry out, their credibility is long gone. Enjoy your wind-ravaged house, Senator Schumer and friends. You brought this on yourselves.

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