Goodbye, TrumpLand! Controversial filmmaker Michael Moore has surprised audiences with the release his latest documentary, TrumpLand.

Just in time for the results of the most head-scratching and exhausting American presidential election ever, award-winning documentarian Michael Moore is broadcasting his presidential vote in the way he knows best: by creating a documentary that attempts to persuade audiences to vote for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. As Moore tweeted, this film is his “October Surprise”.

Some are astonished by Moore’s move, as he was a Bernie Sanders supporter before Clinton was elected to be the Democratic Party nominee. Yet, he publically announced his support for Hillary Clinton after she won against Sanders. He tweeted on September 26, 2016,  Hillary doing better. Fellow Bernie voters -- admit it, there's nothing she's said we disagree with. In fact, she's adopted his positions!”

According to CNN and the New York Times, this documentary is a departure from Moore’s provocative and controversial films, including Bowling for Columbine and Fahrenheit 9/11. In his review, film critic for the New York Times Neil Genzlinger explained the movie as a one-man comedy sketch that ultimately shows his support for Hillary Clinton without instigating any controversial dialogue.

TrumpLand was filmed over two days in Wilmington, Ohio, a Trump-supporting American town.  As Genzlinger explains, instead of creating controversial remarks and starting a heated debate, Moore takes a calmer, more tame approach by first making self-deprecating jokes, and then making his endorsement for Hillary Clinton public. 

A rather uncommon form of endorsement, yet an effective one: after hinting about the “October Surprise” via Moore’s official Twitter account, fans and curious spectators stood in line for hours for a sneak preview. The film will be officially released in New York, Los Angeles and on iTunes before the historic November 8, 2016 presidential election.

The power of celebrity is interesting, especially when it comes to persuading voters: many undecided voters, including new voters and Millennials, look up to their celebrity and public figure idols to help making a voting decision. Since the slew of controversies following Donald Trump have dominated news outlets and media platforms, more celebrities are using their powerful influences in Hillary Clinton’s favor. These include television host Ellen DeGeneres, actor Robert De Niro and current First Lady Michelle Obama.

Whether the release of this film is a sign that Donald Trump’s support system will help him become the new Leader of the Free World or a sign Hillary Clinton will be America’s first female president remains a mystery. However, it is quite clear support for Trump is dwindling quickly.


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