Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp Expands Lead Over Democrat Stacey Abrams to 10 Points

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp leads Democratic challenger Stacey Abrams by double-digits in a new Atlanta Journal-Constitution/University of Georgia poll.

Kemp leads Abrams 51-41 in a survey of 1,030 likely voters conducted between September 25 and October 4.

Libertarian candidate Shane Hazel is polling at around 2% and another 6% are undecided.

But the poll is the latest of many showing Kemp with a comfortable lead over a Democrat he barely defeated four years earlier.

If the poll numbers hold up, Kemp could win re-election without a runoff. If Kemp earns less than 50% of the vote, he would face Abrams in a runoff with Hazel eliminated from contention.

Warnock leads:

Despite Kemp’s strong lead over Abrams, the same poll found Democratic incumbent Sen. Raphael Warnock leading Republican challenger Herschel Walker.

Warnock leads Walker 46-43, within the poll’s margin of error, and Libertarian Chase Oliver is sitting at around 4%.

The race has a strong chance of heading to a runoff, like Warnock’s last race, if no candidate reaches 50% of the vote.

Crossover voters:

The poll highlights a significant number of crossover voters in the state that back both Kemp and Warnock.

About 9% of Kemp’s supporters back Warnock and another 5% of Kemp’s supporters prefer Oliver.

Another 4% of Kemp’s supporters are undecided in the Senate race.

By comparison, only 1% of Abrams voters support Walker.


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