Gallup Poll: Trump Approval Rating Just Hit New Record High, Ticks Up to 46%

President Donald Trump’s approval rating hit a new record high after the release of the Mueller report, though the majority of Americans still disapprove of his performance as president.

A new Gallup poll shows Trump’s approval rating at 46 percent, up from 45 percent in early April and 39 percent in March. Fifty percent of voters said they disapprove of the job he is doing.

Gallup notes that Trump’s approval rating was buoyed by his claims that he was vindicated by the Mueller report (he wasn’t) and strong economic indicators.

Trump’s approval rating among Republicans is at 91 percent, nearly matching his record high. Just 12 percent of Democrats and 37 percent of independents said they approve of Trump’s job performance.

Two more polls show Trump at 46% approval:

The Gallup poll does not appear to be an outlier.

An NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll similarly found Trump’s approval rating up to 46 percent while 51 percent disapprove.

A Harris/Harvard poll published last week found that Trump’s approval rating is at 46 percent while 54 percent disapprove.

Dems lose enthusiasm gap:

Democratic candidates were aided by high enthusiasm and success with independent voters in the midterms but the NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll shows that gap has diminished.

According to the survey, 75 percent of registered Republicans say they have high interest in the 2020 election compared to 73 percent of Democrats.

Democrats do still have an edge with independents, just 38 percent of whom approve of the job Trump is doing. Just 28 percent of independent voters said they are enthusiastic or comfortable with him being re-elected.

But independents are not on board with impeachment. Just 19 percent of independents said Democrats should start impeachment proceedings while 45 percent said they shouldn’t hold impeachment hearings. Overall, 48 percent of Americans oppose impeachment proceedings while 49 percent support impeachment either now or in the future.


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