Gallup Poll: Support for Impeaching the President Hits Highest Point Since Nixon Resigned

Support for impeaching President Trump has continued to increase amid the House impeachment inquiry and has now hit a level unseen since Richard Nixon was forced to resign.

A new Gallup poll released on Wednesday showed that 52% of Americans support removing Trump from office while his approval rating sits at just 39%. This is a marked change from June, when 53% opposed Trump’s impeachment.

During the same time period, Congressional approval has increased by seven points.

The biggest shift has come among independent voters, 55% of whom now back Trump’s removal. Support among Democrats increased from 81% to 89%.

Highest support for impeachment since Nixon:

Support for Trump’s impeachment is “essentially where Nixon’s would have been right before he resigned in August of the following year,” the Washington Post’s Philip Bump pointed out.

This means that this is the only time in history since Nixon that more than half of the country supported removing the president.

By comparison, just 32% of voters wanted to see Bill Clinton removed during his 1998 impeachment proceedings.

Other polls show same trend:

The Gallup poll is far from an outlier as the RealClearPolitics poll average shows that 49% support removing Trump from office.

An Economist poll found support for Trump’s removal at 53%.

A Politico poll shows support for Trump’s removal at 51%.

A Fox News poll found support for Trump’s removal at 51%.

Still, polls from Quinnipiac and NPR show that the number of people who support Trump’s removal is around the same level as those who oppose.

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