Fox News Poll Shows Warren’s Wealth Tax is More Popular Than Trump’s Border Wall

A Fox News poll found stronger support for Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s wealth tax than President Donald Trump’s border wall.

About 68% of registered voters said they would back "creating an annual 2% wealth tax on an individual's worth over $50 million in addition to income tax,” according to the poll.

The wealth tax saw the most support of any Democratic proposals polled.

Only 26% of registered voters said they opposed the wealth tax.

Border wall underwater:

Trump’s border wall fared far worse.

Just 44% said they backed "building a wall along the US-Mexico border,” the president’s signature campaign promise that has largely stalled over his three years in office.

About 52% of registered voters said they oppose building the wall.

Medicare for All not doing well either:

Though voters are on board with the wealth tax, just 41% of respondents said they back a Medicare for All system which Warren and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders have proposed.

About 53% of respondents said they oppose the program.


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