Fox News Complains About Being Snubbed By Biden at First White House Press Conference

Fox News personalities spent much of Thursday criticizing President Joe Biden for snubbing their reporter at his first White House press conference.

The conservative network took shots at Biden using chyrons during his hour-long presser and criticized him for using notes during his appearance.

The network quickly changed to a “Biden Snubs Fox News During First News Conf” chyron when he did not call on reporter Peter Doocy.

“Peter Doocy is not [CNN reporter] Jim Acosta,” complained Fox host Dana Perino. “He’s got good questions.”

Doocy trotted out a binder of questions he didn’t get to ask at the news conference in a later segment.

Doocy complains:

"I mentioned last night I had a binder full of questions," Doocy said, brandishing the binder. "I think some people were kidding, I was not kidding.”

Doocy said he planned to asked Biden about his "big plan to transform the economy and make it all green” and noted that no one asked a single question about the coronavirus.

Hannity labels Biden “embarrassing”:

Fox host Sean Hannity accused reporters of being too “polite and kind” to Biden, who he called “embarrassing” for using “cheat sheets” even though Donald Trump repeatedly used notes and teleprompters at his appearances.

“A competent president should not need to prep for days on end to answer a few simple questions,” Hannity argued. “This is the hardest job in the world. A commanding, 24/7 job. Ask yourself, is Joe, in your view—the American people—up to the job, to perform well even in a press conference? After practicing for days, what is he capable of doing? Anything? Because honestly, we really need to ask who is running the show at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? Is it Vice President Harris? Is it Chief of Staff Ron Klain? Is it Schumer? Is it Pelosi? Is Barack Obama? Is it Susan Rice? Because it's certainly not the frail, the weak, and the cognitively struggling guy we all witnessed today.”

Ironically, elected Republicans have a very different view of Biden.

One Republican senator called the president “sharp at a tack,” according to Politico.


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