Feds Investigate Whether Nashville Bombing Suspect Believed 5G, Lizard People Conspiracies

Federal investigators are probing whether the Nashville Christmas Day bombing suspect was driven by online conspiracy theories, NBC News reports.

Investigators are specifically looking at whether Anthony Warner, who is believed to have died in the Christmas blast outside of an AT&T building, believes in conspiracy theories about the use of 5G signals and a years-old “lizard people” conspiracy that posits that powerful politicians and celebrities are actually extraterrestrial lizards or reptiles taking over society.

Authorities are looking at whether the 5G conspiracy theory prompted him to target the AT&T building. His father also previously worked for the telecom company.

The lizard people conspiracy theory, which was popularized in the 1990s, alleges that people like the Clintons are actually lizard-like reptiles who are responsible for numerous historic calamities.

Authorities are looking at whether Warner’s previous trips to an undisclosed location where he would camp his RV was intended to “hunt possible aliens.”

No clear motive:

Investigators have examined Warner’s electronic devices since Saturday, which include a “significant trove of pictures, videos, and writings,” according to NBC. The investigators are expected to conclude their crime scene examination this week though it could take weeks before they determine a motive.

Investigators have also interviewed family, friends, and associates.

Police missed warning:

Earlier this week, local outlets reported that the suspect’s ex-girlfriend warned police in August 2019 that he was making bombs in his RV. Officers found “several security cameras and wires attached to an alarm at the front door” of Warner’s home but never made contact and said they saw no evidence of a crime.

Police said this week that the girlfriend was in need of a “psychological evaluation” and was taken to a hospital.

Police later followed up with Warner’s lawyer, who told them Warner “did not care for the police” and would not allow them to search the RV.


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