Federal Prosecutors Are Looking at Rudy Giuliani’s Consulting Firm and Company That Paid Him $500K

Federal prosecutors at the New York office Rudy Giuliani once led renewed their scrutiny of the president’s personal attorney after Trump’s impeachment trial concluded.

Prosecutors are weighing new charges against Giuliani associate Lev Parnas in connection to Fraud Guarantee, a consulting firm he co-founded that later paid Giuliani $500,000, CNN reports.

Parnas and associate Igor Fruman, who were both indicted last year, paid Giuliani $500,000 while seeking the ouster of former Ukraine ambassador Marie Yovanovitch as they sought a natural gas deal in Ukraine. At the same time, the company used Giuliani’s reputation to pitch investors on the dubious consulting firm.

Prosecutors also looking at Giuliani Partners:

The CNN report came days after The Washington Post reported that prosecutors sought additional information about Giuliani, his consulting firm Giuliani Partners, and Yovanovitch.

Prosecutors also subpoenaed documents from a firm that hired Giuliani to lobby officials in Romania, according to the report.

Prosecutors have asked about former Ukrainian prosecutors Yuri Lutsenko and Victor Shokin, who fed Giuliani false claims about the Bidens, Yovanovitch, and Democrats.

Giuliani says investigation would be “unfair”:

Giuliani told The Post that investigators have not asked him for anything.

"They have asked me for not a single thing, and I didn't do anything remotely illegal and can demonstrate that if they ever care to ask," he said. "I do believe it's unfair if they are investigating, but I have no indication they are."

Parnas’ attorney Joseph Bondy told The Post that he was not surprised by the news.

"It comes as no surprise to us at all that the Southern District is continuing its investigation, whether into the activities of Mr. Giuliani, Mr. Parnas or others," he said. "As prosecutors have consistently said, they may well bring additional charges against additional people, as well as Mr. Parnas, and as always we're prepared to defend ourselves on any new allegations."


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