Federal Investigators Considering Criminal Charges for Hunter Biden in Tax Investigation: Report

Federal investigators are considering bringing criminal charges against Hunter Biden in a long-running tax investigation, CNN reports.

Prosecutors have not made any final decisions but their investigation has reached a “critical stage,” according to the report.

The probe dates back as early as April 2018. The probe is being led by US Attorney David Weiss,  a longtime federal prosecutor who was appointed by former President Donald Trump and kept on in the Biden DOJ.

Prosecutors have discussed possible charges, including tax violations and making a false statement in connection to Biden’s purchase of a gun during a time he would have been banned from doing so due to his admitted struggles with drug addiction.

DOJ guidelines:

Prosecutors are also discussing Justice Department guidelines surrounding politically sensitive investigations in election years.

Unwritten DOJ guidelines urge prosecutors to avoid bringing politically sensitive cases within 60 days of an election.

DOJ officials have debated whether the rule would apply to Biden since his father is not on the ballot in the midterms.

Probe narrows:

The DOJ initially looked at Hunter Biden’s overseas dealings, which were hyped by Trump, but have since focused on tax and gun-related issues.

Prosecutors have discussed whether they have enough evidence to charge Biden and have questioned whether his admitted drug use could potentially weaken their case.

Some officials have also noted that Biden could argue he was not aware of wrongdoing because he was using drugs.


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