Fear the Future: The Sad State of America's Citizens

I'd like to think I'm an optimist. Really, despite all the miserable crap I read online, despite the doom and gloom of the news, I am hopeful for better days.

Even after eight years of an apologetic, self-serving, divisive president like Obama, who used the presidency as a social experiment, I still believe America can recover and have a bright future.  We can overcome radical Islamic terrorism, fight back the toxic tide of globalism, and restore the Constitutional freedoms for all Americans.

My optimism wanes when I read about young America.

I am in my thirties. I don't consider myself old, but I'm also not a young duckling. I'm willing to admit my views might not be the same as many people my age or younger. But I'd like to think most of us are made of the same stuff. We're smart, talented, ambitious people who, despite setbacks and challenges, aim to do great things with our lives.

Or at the very least, find love and support the ones we care about.

But from what I see online, it looks like many within my generation lack the spine or integrity to even lift their heads off the pillow.

When else can I conclude when I read nonsense like this:

In an article titled “Trump’s election stole my desire to look for a partner,” Stephanie Land describes how, despite dating a wonderful man just weeks prior to the election, she was forced to give up on love and courtship...

“I’ve lost the desire to attempt the courtship phase. The future is uncertain. I am not the optimistic person I was on the morning of Nov. 8, wearing a T-shirt with ‘Nasty Woman’ written inside a red heart. It makes me want to cry thinking of that.” (via Milo).

Congratulations college campuses, you succeeded in making the weakest, spineless, most ineffectual generation in the history of the world!

Land claims to be a strong, liberal woman, one that is proud (for some reason) to wear a shirt that calls her a "Nasty Woman." Yet one setback- not a personal one, mind you- has caused her to give up on life.  This is what happens when you infantilize an entire generation- when you allow people to indulge in safe spaces and trigger warnings, rather than growing up and dealing with their problems.

Land wrote she "felt sick to [her] stomach" when Trump won. She said "I wanted to gather my children in bed with me and cling to them like we would if thunder and lightning were raging outside, with winds high enough that the power might go out. The world felt that precarious to me."

Really? Her self-worth was so tied to Hillary Clinton winning the election she lost all faith in humanity when she lost.  This is the ultimate example of putting all your eggs in one basket.

What about all that feminist rhetoric? That women can do anything? So what if one woman lost an election. Does that mean you can't do great things with your life? Does that mean there's no hope for a nation that guarantees rights and liberties to all its citizens?

Shouldn't all that liberal nonsense including teachings on how to deal with setbacks? Don't these people learn basic leadership training in school, like learning from failure? At the very least, didn't their parents teach them anything?

Putting aside the stupidity of rejecting a man over an election, let's look at how pathetic people like Land have become.

First of all, they've believed the mainstream media when they said Donald Trump would deport Muslims, persecute homosexuals, and somehow endorse sexism as President. Anyone that bothered to listen to Trump or- God forbid- look at his plans on his campaign site would have known the media was lying about him.

Sure, if you're liberal you'd disagree with his plans, but the radical outbursts of irrational emotion exhibited in the wake of his win are downright hysterical.

How do we have an entire generation (or at least a large chunk of it) so utterly unequipped to deal with loss? HEY PARENTS! This is why after school sports are so important! Kids need to learn how to deal with loss at an early age. Otherwise, they grow up and can't deal with something as common as a Presidential Election!

Land said she was experiencing "hopelessness" and "fear" over Trump's win. Again, really? This is America, sweetheart. No President, no matter how influential, can just sweep away your Constitutional rights, opportunities, and ability to live, love, and earn money.

You know what could? Violent terrorists that would do unspeakable acts to a precious snowflake, such as yourself. The kind of terrorists that Trump vows to destroy, but Hillary Clinton had no clear plans to confront (honestly, her radical immigration plan would have welcomed them into our country).

I know young liberals fantasized about some kind of Socialist utopia, where college would be free, we all got paychecks for doing nothing, and Hillary was the first female President or whatever. That would have never happened. Hillary was in the pocket of Wall Street, Saudi Arabia, and other forces that don't care about women or minorities. She didn't care about the people that worked so hard to support her. Hell, her slogan was "I'm With Her." On election night, she refused to appear before the hundreds of people that waited at the Javitz Center. What does that say about her character?

We're living in the real world. We can't afford to let our future generations become so infantile that they try to attack the next President by blaming him for their relationship woes. If you're so emotionally unstable that you have to break up with your boyfriend and vow to never date again because of the President, I fear for our future. Or at least, your future.

When we have terrorist networks disguised as political advocacy groups calling for the firing of a man just because of what he wrote on Facebook, you know a real war is on our hands. CAIR and their buddies the Muslim Brotherhood want to destroy America and our way of life. They want to criminalize anyone that's a threat to Islam, including Christians, Jews, homosexuals, and yes, those liberal cry babies like Land.

If they can't destroy us through terrorist attacks, they'll try to warp our laws to destroy us.

And what are we doing to prepare? We are raising a generation that can't deal with a Presidential Election. A generation so self-centered they consider Hillary's loss a personal attack on their life.

The fact that this article was published in the Washington Post shows how systemic this infantilizing of our society has become. Did the editors of the Post even bother to read this pathetic piece of "journalism"? Of course not. They saw it as another lame attempt at attacking Trump. Forgetting that millions of Americans voted for him, they think they can mount a smear campaign against the man before he's even in office.

They tried that before, didn't they? Oh yeah, it was during the Presidential Election. They lost then, too.

The fallout is that we have Americans so warped, so self-centered, so childish, that they are unable to emotionally deal with reality. This is real life kids- sometimes things don't work out as you like. Sometimes you'll face setbacks. Sometimes you'll have to deal with unpleasant things, job losses, breakups, deaths in the family. A grown up knows how to take all these things in stride and allow them to make them a better person.

If you can't even emotional deal with Trump winning the election, how are you going to deal with real problems?


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