Far-Right Laura Loomer Jumps Pelosi’s Fence to Protest Immigration, Proves Fences Don’t Work

Right-wing activist Laura Loomer hopped the fence at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s California home to prove the need for a border wall despite proving that a fence could not keep anyone out.

Loomer, a far-right troll who most recently made headlines when she handcuffed herself to the Twitter headquarters to protest her ban from the network before asking to be cut free after two hours, carried a tent around Pelosi’s Napa yard before she was escorted off the property.

The Daily Beast’s Will Sommer live-tweeted the incident, showing Loomer with a tent saying “immorality” and chanting “Nancy! Nancy!”

“The police have arrived! But Loomer and crew are refusing to give identification, saying ‘Gavin Newsom said we don't need ID's.’ Cops aren't thrilled,” Sommer tweeted. “Loomer has claimed the guys in yellow jackets she brought with her are undocumented immigrants. It's not clear whether that's true, but they are getting a lot of attention from the police, appear unable to give ID. One cop says Loomer has really put the guys in a tough spot.”

Sommer reported that Loomer was eventually escorted off the property and issued a warning for trespassing.

Epic self-own shows fences don’t work:

Loomer was roundly mocked after her stunt to prove the need for walls only proved the futility of fences.

Other Twitter users pointed out that the incident would have gone differently if Loomer was not a white woman.


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