Fake Signs Mock California's New 'Sanctuary State' Status

With the start of 2018 comes California’s official status as a sanctuary state, reports Fox News. Thanks to legislation signed into law by California Governor Jerry Brown, the Golden State is now a safe haven for illegal aliens to reside as they please. There are roughly 2.3 million illegal immigrants in California, and unfortunately, that number is likely to increase.

The bill designating California a sanctuary state was signed in October, but officially went into effect on January 1, 2017. Shortly after his signature, Governor Brown lauded the measure, saying that it would provide aid and comfort to illegal immigrants and their families:

“These are uncertain times for undocumented Californians and their families, and this bill strikes a balance that will protect public safety, while bringing a measure of comfort to those families who are now living in fear everyday.”

Many conservatives and Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officials have a very different outlook on the legislation. Attorney General Jeff Sessions noted that the bill “risks the safety of good law enforcement officers” and “the safety of the neighborhoods that need their protection the most.”

Thomas Homan, acting director of ICE also appeared to share the Attorney General’s sentiment:

“Disturbingly, the legislation serves to codify a dangerous policy that deliberately obstructs our country’s immigration laws and shelters serious criminal alien offenders.”

The remarks from Sessions and Homan highlight the very serious and inevitably fatal flaws of California’s decision to become a sanctuary state. First and foremost, California is officially breaching American law. Knowingly aiding and abetting criminals is illegal. There is absolutely no way to get around this reality, regardless of personal opinions. Illegal immigrants are criminals from the moment they unlawfully cross the border. America has laws, customs, and rules in place regulating proper immigration procedure.

Many liberals have made the case that sanctuary cities are necessary and protect fearful illegal immigrants from deportation. Supporters of amnesty policies question why people who have already built lives here should be forced to leave the country. The answer to this question is these people knowingly broke the law, and that it is unfair to those who work hard to obtain a legal path to citizenship from the start.

FAIR reports that illegal immigrants cost taxpayers a total of $116 billion on an annual basis. This is after their contribution of roughly $19 billion in taxes. The cost of illegal immigrants therefore outweighs their contributions.

Democrats don’t see it this way, and neither does California. Unfortunately, they seem to prioritize illegal immigrants over the welfare of their fellow citizens. This is ironic since liberals promote themselves as champions of the poorest, disenfranchised, and neediest Americans. Who do they think is hit the hardest by illegal immigration?

Hours after California became a sanctuary state, a sign reading “OFFICIAL SANCTUARY STATE! Felons, Illegals and MS13 Welcome! Democrats Need The Votes!” appeared outside of the 15 Freeway.

The truth of the matter is that every crime committed by an illegal immigrant is a crime that could have been avoided. There have been speculations about the crime rates associated with illegal immigrants. While liberals cite sources that claim illegal immigrants are less likely to engage in unlawful activity, conservatives note cases like the death of Kathyrn Steinle, which they view as reason enough to take tougher measures to prevent these types of crimes.

The leftist advocacy for amnesty and sanctuary cities is heavily reliant on an emotional appeal. When confronted by the many pitfalls of permitting illegal immigrants to remain in America, Democrats often claim these people have “dreams.”

Legal immigrants and Americans citizens have dreams too. Should their dreams not be prioritized over the dreams of people who haven’t gone through the process of citizenship legally?

Democrats don’t seem to think so and apparently, neither does California.

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