The Fake News Are Spiraling Out Of Control

Despite the fact that Donald Trump simply spanked his political rivals to become the 45th President of the United States, despite the fact that the Republican Party controls both the House and the Senate, despite the fact that 33 out of 50 states have conservative governors, liberals still refuse to wake up.

The response to Trump's titanic victory on the part of the liberal media has verged on the insane. After they got the election so wrong (largely due in part to their own attempts to influence it), you'd think journalists would calm down, honestly take stock of their behavior, and vow to do better in the future.

The New York Times' chief editor said as much in a letter following the election.

Yet what we've seen from the mainstream, largely liberal, news outlets has been anything but an attempt at doing better.

Since Donald Trump won the election, we have seen very open attacks against him, his supporters, and anyone (regardless of their politics) who do not aggressively hate him. Chadwick Moore, an openly gay liberal, who voted for Hillary, has been completely ostracized by his friends and colleagues for not attacking conservative speaker Milo Yiannopoulos in an article he wrote.

Every little action of the Trump administration has been analyzed to death, often with the intent of spinning it negatively. Where was this kind of scrutiny over the last eight years, when President Obama's AG was found in contempt of Congress or when Obama violated the law to push his immigration agenda?

These institutions- now branded the fake news- often seeks out invented stories to undermine Trump, such as the Russian hacking fiasco. Or they work to misrepresent his people, like Attorney General Jeff Sessions or White House Chief Strategist Stephen Bannon as racist or white supremacists- all without credible evidence. These stories are shoved down our throats, without any proof; we are simply expected to believe them because CNN or NY Times says so.

You know, you may not like President Donald Trump. You may hate his guts. But if you have any shred of decency in your bones, you cannot accept the disgraceful behavior of the dishonest media.

It doesn't matter what your political affiliations are, lying is lying. Period. Any honest person, regardless of their agenda, must acknowledge the depths the media has gone, to unjustly attack the lawfully elected president.

Sure go ahead, throw all your empty accusations about Trump at me. I will gladly use real facts and sources to prove you wrong. Time and again I have confronted readers here and other places online, disproving their attacks with actual proof, only for them to shut up and refuse to respond. I certainly love how everyone clams up when I show them this CNN photo of the Inauguration. Funny how all those remarks about crowd sizes just dry up.

Whenever confronted with real evidence, most of my detractors seem to vanish. It's as if their arguments are based on nothing more than empty lies from the media. I'm shocked to discover how many opinions are founded on complete fabrications; it makes you question all those Hillary Clinton voters.

I'm not saying Donald Trump is free from criticism; he's a human being and as such, can and will make mistakes. Even he said he's not afraid of negative stories about himself--so long as they're true. But the ongoing deluge of fake news and false narratives about him, his cabinet, and the White House staff only serve to undermine the credibility of the media who spews them. If and when President Trump does something that warrants real scrutiny, the media will be in no place to question it.

Instead of learning this very important lesson, the mainstream media is doubling down on the stupid. Like bulls with tunnel vision, they are plowing ahead with this ridiculous goal of discrediting Trump and his supporters with baseless stories and accusations. Probably they hope that some of the mud will stick, or that they will find a real scandal to jump on; they assume Trump and his ilk are as corrupt as themselves.

This has all lead to a shocking level of cognitive dissonance the world has ever seen. When confronted with real facts, it seems the liars in the liberal media have a kind of meltdown. Instead of being good boys and girls and acknowledging their errors, they freak out or enter into this kind of mania of denial.

Just watch how Ben Affleck reacts when Sam Harris (another liberal, by the way) shatters the media's false narrative about Islam. Harris makes it clear that while there are some moderate Muslims in the West that mean us no harm, the vast majority around the world subscribe to doctrine that encourages death to non-Muslims. Ben Affleck, clearly indoctrinated by liberal dogma, has a freakout.


Affleck is an intelligent man, by all appearances. He's not only a talented actor, but he's an award-winning writer and director. So why can't he just swallow his pride and listen to Harris, a man far more educated on the subject than he? Why does he lash out like a child whose toy has been taken away from him, allowing emotions (built on false assertions) to trump reason?

This is not the only example. Over the course of the last few months, the liberal news has worked overtime to make the case that Donald Trump and his people colluded with Russia to "hack" our election. The release of DNC and Clinton campaign emails, possibly done by Russian agents, has ballooned into a conspiracy theory meant to not only undermine the new president, but possibly lead to his removal from office.

Big stuff, to be sure. The problem? There has been no evidence to back this claim.

Until now, Democrats and their media have been pleased to create the impression that all kinds of wiretapping operations were conducted against the Trump campaign, uncovering many scandalous, possibly illegal connections. Only by reading those articles carefully does one discover the sources are highly speculative and the evidence is thin at best. (via Breitbart)

The media is just hoping you, and the rest of the country will just stupidly read the headlines. They actually don't expect you to be smart enough to think for yourself and delve into their hit pieces, to find that their claims hold no water.

Yet amazingly, when Trump called out the Obama administration for possibly spying on him during and after the election, the media was quick to reverse their claims. You see, if there was evidence that Trump was colluding with Russia- as the NY Times and others claimed- then they had to get the evidence from somewhere. The only way was for them to wiretap or infiltrate Trump's communications.

But to do that without a warrant is illegal. So now, in an effort to protect the Obama administration, the media is backtracking their original claims. How convenient.

Some of them are going too far, revealing more cognitive dissonance and sheer stupidity.

Fake news host Katy Tur claims no news organizations have ever alleged ties between the Trump campaign and Russia and several social media users apparently can’t stop laughing...

According to, Tur was interviewing Republican Congressman Chris Stewart on Meet the Press Daily...

She later insisted “I don’t think any news organization actually claimed that there were direct ties between the Trump campaign and Russian spies.” (via Milo)

Uh... oops? Apparently Tur didn't read this NY Times article, and many others, that made just those sort of claims. How can a legitimate news journalist say such a thing, when we've had to deal with this nonsense for months?

Forget cognitive dissonance, these fuckers are straight up lying.

This instance with Tur leads me to believe that news outlets just come up with editorial lines for their people to parrot. During the Russia hacking claims, everyone in the MSM was told by their higher-ups to push that idea. But after Trump made his assertion, they were told to now deny that they ever said that sort of thing, in a shocking attempt to cover up their embarrassment.

Kind of like what went on in 1984, when Big Brother employed people to rewrite history. Ouch, stings, doesn't it?

Today we learned that even anti-Semitism and racism can be overlooked by the mainstream media, so long as the perpetrator is a black liberal.

The New York Times has run an article in apparent defense of Juan Thompson — the 31-year-old St. Louis man accused of phoning in multiple bomb threats to several Jewish community centers...

“It’s not about right or left,” reads the caption to the New York Times’ article. “It’s about intimate partner abuse.”

“The phony threats were merely the latest episode in a long and frequently bizarre campaign of harassment Mr. Thompson unleashed on a former girlfriend,” the article reads.

It continues, “while trying to frame a former partner for a series of bomb threats may seem like an extreme form of cyberharassment, smear campaigns are a common tactic of abusers.” (via Milo)

What!?? Juan Thompson consistently tweeted anti-Semitic comments, was fired from The Intercept for making up sources, and- oh yeah- MADE BOMB THREATS TO JEWISH SCHOOLS.

The dishonesty of this Times article turns my stomach.  Here you have a real racist, someone who wanted to attack Jewish schools, community centers, and a museum out of his hate. His actions jeopardized the safety and freedom of many Jewish people, including children. Had he not been caught, it could have lead to worse attacks.

Yet because he's on "their" side, being a liberal and Bernie supporter, the New York Times is bending over backwards to find an excuse not to call this man what he is: a racist.

Of course, most of you are already thinking this: if the man were a white Trump supporter, the New York Times would be calling for his head.

The bottom line is the liberal media have given up any shred of credibility. When confronted with the reality of their lies and hypocrisy, they refuse to make amends. They only double down on the dishonesty, to a point where I question their hold on reality.

These actions are not done by honest, decent human beings. They are certainly not being done by people with journalistic integrity. At best they are being committed by "journalists" who- because of their massive loss on November 8- have experienced a psychological breakdown. Unable to cope with reality, their minds have retreated to a fantasy world; we are simply witnessing the symptoms of their delusions.

The only other answer is that they are the most despicable creatures on the planet. Take your pick.

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