Extremist Militia Threatens Violence if Stacey Abrams Wins Georgia to 'Protect Trump'

A far-right anti-government Georgia militia vowed to take up arms and respond “with the use of force” to “protest” President Donald Trump, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports.

The extremist militia Georgia Security Force III% vowed in a Facebook post to respond with violence if Democrat Stacey Abrams, who could become the first black woman governor in the country, wins her gubernatorial election. “Guns up!” the group wrote, calling Abrams a “flag burning, gun grabbing, socialist b-tch.”

Chris Hill, a former Marine who heads the group, told a European news outlet that the group will protect the president and showed the outlet video of members training with firearms.

“If they win the House and the Senate, they are going to move forward with impeachment for some bogus, bulls—t reason. If they succeed in impeaching President Trump, then we will back President Trump,” Hill told the Danish outlet.

“In what way?” the reporter asked.

“With a use of force if need be,” Hill replied.

Hill “praying” for a “revolution”: Hill gave an interview to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reiterating that he “loves Donald Trump.”

He said “the government is corrupt” but said he hopes Republicans retain control of both chambers of Congress.

“I pray for a revolution tomorrow morning,” he said, adding “If the Democrats win the House and Senate and they carry on this witch hunt to impeach and usurp the office of the presidency, then Chris Hill will defend the president.”

Black Panthers also take up arms: A group identifying themselves as the Black Panther Party posted images on Facebook showing them carrying pro-Abrams signs and assault-style rifles at an event they called an “armed rally against voter suppression.”

“We have a constitutional right to assemble. We got a constitutional right to bear arms,” one man says in the video. “We want all of our constitutional rights respected.”

Race may not end Election Day: The Georgia race between Abrams and Republican Brian Kemp is definitely going to be close but it also may not be over after Election Day. The race would go to a run-off in December if neither candidate reaches 50 percent of the vote, a real possibility given that Libertarian candidate Ted Metz is also in the race.

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