Ex-Aide Charlotte Bennett Sues Andrew Cuomo For Sexual Harassment, Discrimination

Former Andrew Cuomo aide Charlotte Bennett sued the former governor for sexual harassment and discrimination, CNN reports.

Bennett, one of Cuomo’s first sexual harassment accusers before nearly a dozen women came forward to make similar claims, filed the lawsuit on Wednesday.

Bennett accused Cuomo of making sexual comments about her appearance, giving her “humiliating and demeaning tasks,” and asking her invasive questions about her sexual relationships.

Bennett alleged that after she reported Cuomo’s harassment, she was moved to an “inferior position” at another department and was not interviewed about her allegations for weeks. The lawsuit claims Cuomo staffers did not refer her complaint for investigations.

“Ultimately, Ms. Bennett was forced into an involuntary resignation from her employment with the State because her work environment had become intolerable,” the suit claims.

Lawsuit also targets aides:

The lawsuit also names former Cuomo aides Melissa DeRosa, Judith Mogul and Jill DeRosiers.

“My career as a public servant was abruptly cut short because of Governor Cuomo’s and his top aides’ sexual harassment and retaliation against me after I complained about Governor Cuomo’s misconduct. They must all be held accountable for their actions,” Bennett said in a statement.

Cuomo denies:

Cuomo has repeatedly denied the allegations despite stepping down as governor.

“The Governor has always said he didn’t harass anyone and with each day that goes by more and more information is uncovered showing how evidence favorable to the Governor was suppressed and crucial facts ignored or omitted that undermined witness credibility,” Cuomo attorney Rita Glavin told CNN.


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