Even Republicans Want Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin to Stop Fraud Lies and Concede Race He Lost

Kentucky Republicans slammed Gov. Matt Bevin for suggesting that voter fraud may be behind his Tuesday loss to Democrat Andy Beshear and urged him to concede the race.

Bevin lost his re-election race on Tuesday by about 5,200 votes even as every other Republican that ran statewide lost. Bevin is uniquely unpopular in the deep-red state after pushing for cuts to Medicaid, retirement benefits, and public schools.

Unlike many other states, there are no automatic recounts in Kentucky when the race is decided by less than 0.5%.

"That means the only way a recount could happen is if Bevin files an election contest and the legislature orders a recount as part of the resulting investigation,” The Lexington Herald-Leader reported.

Bevin wants recount:

Bevin formally requested a recanvass in the race, claiming unspecified “reports of irregularities.” A recanvass is similar to a recount.

Beshear accused Bevin of trying to undo the will of the voters.

"Last night, the people of Kentucky elected Andy Beshear as their next governor. Today, Governor-Elect Beshear is already working on his transition so that he can best serve the people of Kentucky on day one,” his campaign said in a statement. “We hope that Matt Bevin honors the results of the recanvass, which will show he received fewer votes than Andy Beshear. As has been reported, a ‘recanvassing has never changed the result of a Kentucky election.’”

Even Republicans want Bevin to go:

 "I've never seen a recanvass move more than 100 votes," Rep. Jerry Miller (R) told the Herald-Leader.

"The best thing to do, the right thing to do, is for Gov. Bevin to concede the election today so we can move on," added Rep. Jason Nemes (R).

"There's nothing wrong with checking the math," said Rep. Adam Koenig (R), but "unless there is a mountain of clear, unambiguous evidence, then he should let it go."


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