Ending DACA Is What Trump Promised Americans

As of yesterday, Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is officially dead. As noted by The Hill, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the end of DACA early yesterday morning. For those unfamiliar, DACA is an arrangement which permitted young illegal aliens to remain in America without being faced with the likely possibility of deportation. Despite the emotional appeal, DACA is inherently unconstitutional. As President Trump has stated countless times, America is a nation of laws. We either have a country, or we don’t.

Excerpts from the Attorney General’s earlier remarks are as follows:

The program known as DACA that was effectuated under the Obama administration is being rescinded.

If we are to further our goal of strengthening the constitutional order and the rule of law in America, the Department of Justice cannot defend this overreach.

Liberals are in a frenzy. The Governor of New York recently threatened to sue President Trump upon the revocation of DACA. Others have called the termination of DACA cruel and preached about the harmfulness of shutting the door in the faces of young “dreamers.”

Sure, illegal aliens have dreams, but so do the children of LEGAL immigrants. As unfortunate as it may be, the children of illegal immigrants are still here in direct violation of the law. They legally do not belong here. We, as a nation, can no longer afford to bend over backward for people who disregard our rules.

Under President Trump, illegal immigration has already decreased by nearly 70%. This is an excellent start. Despite liberal claims that illegals pay taxes and contribute to the economy, many of them are on welfare. Welfare is innately parasitic. America already has enough of our own citizens receiving government assistance. There is no need to make a bad problem worse.

At the end of the day, Americans come first. This is our nation. We have to put our people and our best interests before others. If immigrants are true ‘dreamers,’ if they really value America and want to be a part of this country, they can come here legally. It is no easy feat, but a plethora of immigrants have chosen to follow the rules and come here properly. This is the mark of a true “dreamer.”

Despite the aforementioned points and valid, legal reasons for ending DACA, the situation is unfortunate. Obviously, children will be adversely impacted. However, the blame should not be placed on President Trump. As the leader of this country, it is in the President’s job description to enforce the laws. DACA directly breaches American law, by aiding and abetting known criminals. Any uprooting of illegal alien children is caused by the parents’ decision to break the law and involve their kids.

Anyone thinking of suing President Trump for the revocation of DACA would do well to think twice. Eliminating a program which is an inherent breach of law merits no grounds for a lawsuit. Illegal immigrants are not Americans, regardless of their age. It is important for people to approach this situation from a logical standpoint, as opposed to an emotional one.

For all the emphasis, care, and attention liberals give to illegal aliens, if even a fraction of that energy were devoted to the American people or the “dreamers” who came here legally, this country would be in a much better state. Instead of funding and facilitating criminal entry, why not exalt and praise legal immigration? As long as politicians continue to coddle criminals, it sends a message to the world that breaching U.S. law is acceptable.

President Trump ran his campaign on a fundamental principle: America First. Our people come first, our interests come first. When it comes to immigration, the first step is to completely curtail unlawful entry. Only immigrants who can benefit and contribute to the U.S. economy should be allowed to come to America. If this country continues to grant entry to people who add nothing and cannot sustain themselves, we as a people will suffer, and America will cease to be the best country in the world.

The termination of DACA should serve as a warning to any foreign parents who are considering sneaking into America and then using their children as emotional appeals to remain in the United States. The ploy will no longer work. The allowances enabled by former President Obama are no longer valid or applicable under President Trump, nor should they be.

As much as Democrats claim to care for “dreamers” and illegal aliens, the truth is they only care about their votes. If illegals were supporting conservatives and Republicans, leftists would be championing the building of the wall and the deportation of all unlawful immigrants. Liberals have repeatedly demonstrated their disregard for law and order, especially if there is a possibility for political gain on their end.

It would be highly unwise for any liberals, Democrats, or leftist groups to take to the streets to riot in response to the termination of DACA. There is a new sheriff in town and lawlessness will no longer be permitted in any way, shape, or form. Everyone would do well to remember this going forward.

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