Dominion Says It Hired Investigators to Serve Sidney Powell Lawsuit After She “Evaded” for Weeks

Dominion Voting Systems said in a court filing that former Trump attorney Sidney Powell evaded the company’s legal team for weeks, Politico reports.

The company’s attorneys said in a filing on Tuesday that Powell "evaded service of process for weeks, forcing Dominion to incur unnecessary expenses for extraordinary measures to effect service, including hiring private investigators and pursuing Powell across state lines."

The filing came in response to a motion from Powell for an extension for her response to the $1.3 billion lawsuit Dominion filed last month.

The company said it would not oppose the request but noted that Powell “refused to respond” to requests from the company’s lawyers that would have allowed her more time to respond.

Powell’s attorney denies:

Powell’s attorney disputed that she tried to “evade” the company’s lawyers.

He told Politico that Powell "regularly travels as part of her work."

"Unfortunately, for the past several months Ms. Powell has had to take extra precautions concerning her security, which may have made serving her more difficult," he told Politico. "Ms. Powell had no reason to evade service as she looks forward to defending herself in court."

Powell facing major suit:

Dominion sued Powell, as well as Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani, for pushing a baseless conspiracy theory that its voting machines were rigged in a communist plot hatched by dead former Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez.

Powell, who was booted from Trump’s election legal team, filed multiple unsuccessful and error-laden lawsuits in an effort to overturn the election results in multiple states.

She also faces a $2.7 billion lawsuit from Smartmatic, who was linked to the Dominion conspiracy theory even though the two companies have no ties.


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