DOJ Log of Trump Mar-a-Lago Docs Inadvertently Published Online

A sealed, detailed list of materials seized from former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home was inadvertently published publicly on Tuesday before being taken down, Bloomberg reports.

The lists were attached to a recently unsealed August 30 report from the Justice Department.

“A judge had ordered the logs stay under seal but they appeared to be inadvertently posted to the public court docket. They’re no longer publicly visible,” Bloomberg reported.

The logs were created by a “privilege review team” that set aside potentially privileged materials.

The DOJ in the report detailed how its privilege review team was assigned to flag documents that should be set aside from investigators looking at Trump for potentially mishandling classified documents.

Few privileged items:

Despite Trump’s claims that the documents may be privileged, the filter team identified just 520 pages that deserve a closer look and later determined that “very few of those could fall under any legal privileges,” according to Bloomberg.

Trump’s legal team has said that the DOJ is in possession of about 200,000 pages of documents.

The DOJ flagged 383 pages of materials to be returned to Trump.

What’s in the logs?:

The log shows that the seized items included a draft of a presidential immigration initiative and materials related to presidential pardons.

A 39-page document titled “The President’s Calls” included references to Rudy Giuliani.

An unsigned 2017 letter from Trump’s lawyers to special counsel Bob Mueller and emails related to Trump’s election challenges were also among the documents.

Other materials included Trump’s IRS forms and tax-related documents, invoices for legal work, and other documents related to his business and PAC.


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