DNC Chief Tom Perez Dismisses Biden Sexual Assault Allegations: “This is Like The Hillary Emails”

Tom Perez, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, dismissed concerns about the sexual assault allegation against former Vice President Joe Biden in an interview with ABC News on Sunday.

"This is like the Hillary emails, because there was nothing there," Perez said.

"The most comprehensive investigation of the vice president was when he was vetted by Barack Obama in 2008. I'm very familiar with vice presidential vetting process," he said. "They look at everything about you. They looked at the entire history of Joe Biden, his entire career, and I will tell you, if Barack Obama had any indication that there was an issue, Barack Obama would not have had him as his vice president."

RNC accuses DNC of hypocrisy:

The Republican National Committee, which has defend President Trump against the dozens of sexual assault and misconduct allegations against him, accused the DNC of hypocrisy on the matter.

"It has been appalling the hypocrisy as to how Brett Kavanaugh was treated versus Joe Biden," RNC Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel Romney told ABC. "Brett Kavanaugh -- every accuser was put on TV, it was wall-to-wall coverage, they went into his high school yearbook, they said they needed an FBI investigation."

"It went from 'me too,' 'me too,' 'me too,' to 'move on,' 'move on,' 'move on' in a nanosecond because he's a Democrat and the hypocrisy is appalling," she added.

Perez rejects allegation:

Perez said he had no qualms about the response to the allegation.

"Joe Biden has been very clear that this did not happen," Perez said. "And he's been equally clear that when women come forward with complaints of this nature they should be taken seriously, their complaints should be investigated, and they should be treated with dignity and he's done exactly that."


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