Democrats and Republicans Both See The Other as “Generally Bullies”: Poll

A majority of Americans say that their political opponents are “generally bullies,” The Hill reports.

A poll conducted by the University of Chicago’s Institute of Politics found that both parties view the other with a similar sentiment.

The poll found that 73% of Republicans believe that Democrats are “generally bullies” who want to impose their beliefs.

The poll similarly found that 74% of Democrats feel the same way about Republicans.

Similar numbers on both sides — 20% and 19% — disagree that the other party is “generally bullies.”

GOP voters think government “rigged” against them:

The poll found that 73% of Republicans believe that the government is “corrupt” and rigged” against them.

On the other hand, 51% of voters who identify as “very liberal” feel the same way.

Overall, 78% of Democrats said that they believe American elections are fair and accurate.

Just 51% of independents and 33% of Republicans agreed.

Republicans feel like “strangers” in US:

The poll found that 79% of respondents who identified as “strong Republicans” believe they feel like “strangers” in the United States.

By comparison, only 38% of respondents who identified as “strong Democrats” felt the same way.

Nearly half of respondents said they avoid talking about politics with others because they don’t know where they stand on issues and 38% said they have stopped being friends or following someone because of their political beliefs.


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