Democratic Lobbyists Cash In as Clients Expect Joe Biden Win in November

Lobbyists with ties to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama are already seeing increased business as clients anticipate a Biden victory in November, The Daily Beast reports.

With Biden leading Trump significantly in the polls for months, corporate America has “begun to hedge its best” on the expectation of a Biden win, according to the report.

“Corporate American follows the conventional wisdom,” a prominent Democratic lobbyist told the outlet. “and the conventional wisdom is that Joe Biden will get elected president.”

Big clients sign Dem lobbyists:

One lobbying firm, theGROUP, which employs a former top Biden aide, has signed clients like 3M and JP Morgan Chase since Biden appeared to secure the Democratic nomination. The firm later signed on the oil giant BP and the government of Washington DC.

Democratic fundraisers at firms like Brownstein Hyatt and Peck Madigan Jones have all signed more new clients this year than in past years, according to the report.

Foreign governments too:

The trend is not limited to corporations. The government of Qatar, which has sought better relations with the Trump administration, recently signed Praia Consultants, which is headed by former Serbian ambassador Vladimir Petrovic, who raised money for Obama’s Senate campaign, and a Chicago political consultant who was a longtime Obama aide.

“We both have a lot of friends working for Biden,” Petrovic told Foreign Lobby Watch. “I worked with Democrats for years, and so has Dan. We’re hoping things are going to change [in Washington].”


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