Democratic Group Files Preemptive Redistricting Lawsuits After Census Data Released

A Democratic group filed multiple preemptive lawsuits in three states asking courts to draw their own district maps if their redistricting plans hit an impasse, The Hill reports.

National Redistricting Action Fund, a nonprofit allied with the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, which was founded by former Attorney General Eric Holder, filed the suits in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Pennsylvania on Monday after the census data was released.

The suits are focused on states where Democrats and Republicans have a say in the new congressional district maps. Democratic Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf can veto any maps produced by the Republican-led legislature while the two parties both have control of one legislative chamber in Minnesota.

The lawsuit asks the courts to prepare their own maps in the event that the two parties cannot reach an agreement.

Dems look to ensure fair maps:

“These lawsuits are just the first of many steps we will be taking in the coming weeks and months to ensure the redistricting process is not subverted by politicians who want to hold onto power at the expense of fair representation,” Holder said in a statement.

Prominent Democratic attorney Marc Elias said the lawsuits were also intended to prevent delays after the pandemic shortened the amount of time states have to draw new maps.

“Courts have recognized that existing district lines become instantly unconstitutional after the release of new census data,” Elias told The Hill.

Republicans dismiss lawsuits:

Republicans said the lawsuits were just a publicity stunt.

“They’re intentionally doing this just to raise a flag,” Adam Kincaid, executive director of the National Republican Redistricting Trust, told the Hill. “They’re expensive press releases.”

State courts already have the power to draw new maps in the event of an impasse.


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