Democratic Advantage Among Latino Voters Plummeted By Half Over The Last Decade

Democrats’ advantage among Latino votes has shrunk by half over the last 10 years, NBC News reports.

An NBC News/Telemundo poll found that 54% of Latino voters prefer Democrats to control Congress compared with 33 who back Republicans.

The 21-point gap, which is significant, is half of the 42-point advantage Democrats held in the same survey in October 2012.

The decline has been consistent. The gap fell to 38 points in 2016, 34 points in 2018, and 26 points in 2020.

Evangelical-Catholic split:

The poll highlights a split among Latinos who are evangelical Christians and Latino Catholics.

Most Latino evangelicals said they supported the Supreme Court’s ruling overturning Roe v. Wade while most Latino Catholics disapproved.

Catholic Latinos were also more likely to approve of the job President Joe Biden is doing.

Not “one Latino vote”:

Telemundo anchor Julio Vaquiero emphasized on NBC News that there is not just “one Latino vote.”

“We talk a lot about that, but I don’t think it’s always understood,” Vaqueiro said. “Latinos are just like any other ethnic group. It’s important where they live, it’s important their age, where they come from, how they go to this country.”


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