Daily Beast Attacks Seinfeld For NOT Being Political

Okay, we’ve all read plenty of articles about this year’s Emmys. How they spent four hours bashing President Trump and conservatives. How it was the lowest rated Emmys ever. And how weird Stephen Colbert’s right ear looks. (I mean, get it fixed man.)

I get that, and I don’t have much to add.

The fact remains that right now, liberal Hollywood has doubled down on their anti-Trump mania. We saw this brewing a year ago, when they were using all the resources they possessed to force American voters into picking Hillary as our next President. When that failed, they sort of had this collective nervous breakdown.

Some of them ranted on social media (still do). Some of them stopped eating. Some of them started eating more. They blamed it on the evil, horrendous reality that Donald Trump was the leader of the free world.

But the reality is, they were coming to grips with the fact that they weren’t the masters of the universe they thought they were.

Fast forward to today, and nothing’s changed. I mean, you can’t expect an industry comprised of egomaniacs to come to their senses. But the fact remains that instead of adapting to this new reality, perhaps trying to win over Trump-loving Americans, Hollywood is doubling down on the hate.

The Emmys are only a symptom of the problem. Liberals in the entertainment industry have convinced themselves they are part of the imagined “resistance.” Like soldiers in a post-apocalyptic fantasy world, they are fighting from hidden bunkers, trying to undermine the Trump administration and all sensible Americans everywhere.

Slight upticks in Colbert’s The Late Show’s and Saturday Night Live’s ratings have convinced them they are on the right track. But going from pathetic to slightly less terrible does not mean America is clamoring for politically-driven, liberal hate.

Enter Jerry Seinfeld. Even during his heyday as the biggest television figure on the planet, Seinfeld and his crew of writers steered very much clear of politics. In the only episode of his epic show that dealt with an election (the Dinkins/Giuliani mayoral race of 1993), they spent most of the time talking about fat-free frozen yogurt.

These days, Seinfeld continues to tour, in between his web series, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. Clearly, he is not interested in wading into the miry world of political commentary. But, when his new Netflix special, Jerry Before Seinfeld debuted, liberals were up in arms.

The comedian’s first Netflix special finds him still flawlessly delivering comedy about nothing, but at a time when our cultural appetite craves more than airplane peanuts…

All these years later, and all that money richer, Seinfeld is still doing comedy about nothing. The question is whether that still works today when everything, even Jerry Seinfeld jokes, is mandated to stand for something. (Daily Beast)

I don’t expect intelligent stuff coming from the Daily Beast, but really? You have to crap on Jerry Seinfeld because he doesn’t goose step along with the rest of the bitter, defeated, hate-driven liberals in L.A.?

This is why so many Americans despise liberals. Not all liberals, but the elitist cucks who think their opinions trump all others. I am open-minded enough to know that not everyone will agree with me. Even conservatives who read this might have varying opinions. But this schmo claims our “cultural appetite” is craving something more.

How the hell does he know that? Just because Kevin Fallon, an East Coast liberal, wants his comedians to confirm his liberal bias, does not mean everyone else does. Or anyone else does.

Sorry, but Jerry nor anyone else is under a mandate to complain about Trump. That’s what this writer is getting at, after all. Because Stephen Colbert and John Oliver bitch about conservatives and Trump’s wall, every “good” liberal comedian and entertainer has to weigh in on it too.

I’ll have to disagree. Seinfeld has always been a breath of fresh air because he avoids all the crap that’s going on in our society. Or, at the very least, is brave enough to criticize it (go see my other Seinfeld-based article about that). He provides an escape from all the bitterness and vitriol that so many others spew in Hollywood.

Sometimes I just want jokes about peanuts.

This is the militant left in a nutshell (pun intended). They demand that those among their ranks fall in line with whatever mandate exists at the time. Are you a Democrat (or swing to the left)? Then you must, must bitch and complain about Trump, Pence, Sessions, Bannon, and anyone else conservative. You have to close ranks and bomb the enemy at all costs. Give them no quarter! Punish the masses for thinking for themselves! Make them pay for the election!

I guarantee you the most outspoken liberals hold to this opinion.  They don’t even give it a second thought. But even though this kind of stance is hurting their ratings (see Emmys and even NFL games), they will hold to it. Because their ego and pride matter more than success.

In his book Dangerous, Milo Yiannopoulos discusses the left’s “war on fun.” He addresses this very issue: the need for liberals to dissect everything, even entertainment, when looking to further their political causes.

To a left-wing culture critic… it’s unacceptable that a movie could simply be intended to entertain, shock, or amuse… And if a piece of art or entertainment really seems designed with no hidden political message? Well then, that means its creator and those who enjoy it must be just fine with the status quo—this makes them either blind, or the enemy (depending on how far gone the libtard is). (Dangerous, Milo).

If you follow the reactions to Jerry Seinfeld’s latest special, you’ll find this thinking behind it. Because Jerry, and other entertainers, refuse to use their platform to push politics, then they must be the enemy.

This kind of thinking is toxic and ultimately self-defeating. You cannot look at everything in your life through the lenses of politics. I know, these days, it’s hard not to. Politics are being shoved down our throats from all angles. Much of our news is coverage of Trump tweets. And even our fun, escapist programming is drenched in anti-conservative rhetoric or pro-liberal propaganda.

But it’s up to us to divorce this toxic spiral from much of our lives. If we don’t, will there be anything left to enjoy?

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