Conservative News Outlet ‘RedState’ Claims Mueller Involved in Seth Rich Murder ‘Conspiracy’

The conservative news outlet RedState published a piece peddling the debunked Seth Rich murder conspiracy theory and claiming that special counsel Bob Mueller was involved in covering it up.

The likes of Fox News Sean Hannity previously pushed a debunked claim that Rich, a 27-year-old DNC staffer who was shot and killed in DC, was the true source of leaked DNC files and not Russia. Fox News later retracted the report.

The baseless and debunked conspiracy theory even appeared in the Mueller report, where Mueller revealed how WikiLeaks obtained the DNC files from Russian operatives and then pushed the Rich conspiracy theory despite knowing full well where the documents came from.

"As reports attributing the DNC and DCCC hacks to the Russian government emerged, WikiLeaks and Assange made several public statements apparently designed to obscure the source of the materials that WikiLeaks was releasing," the Mueller report said.

Years after his death, RedState published a piece again pushing this debunked conspiracy and now even claiming that Mueller himself was involved, all evidence be damned.

RedState claims Mueller covered up Rich conspiracy:

Elizabeth Vaughn, a former Merrill Lynch consultant who is now an author at RedState, penned an article asserting a Mueller connection to the Rich conspiracy that has since been deleted.

“Given the number of omissions and inaccuracies in the Mueller Report we’ve discovered in the last couple of weeks alone, it’s easy to believe Mueller would have manipulated information to debunk the theory that someone other than the Russians may have been responsible for stealing the DNC emails and leaking them to Wikileaks,” Vaughn claimed.

“In conclusion, the police have not solved the murder, at least they have not offered any information about it publicly,” she wrote. “Calling this a Russian hack rather than an inside job fits their narrative. This is not over.”

RedState disavows own article:

Despite publishing the factually-devoice diatribe, RedState initially published an editor’s note above the article.

“I don’t do this as a rule but in this case I want to emphasize that from the perspective of the leadership team at RedState, Seth Rich’s death is settled and it is not a mystery,” it said. “Each contributor at RedState has the right to express their own opinions. This is one of those cases where we think the opinion is in error.”

The site later deleted the piece after massive online backlash.


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