Conservative Activist Who Bragged About Committing Fraud Charged With Election Fraud

A conservative Wisconsin activist who bragged about committing election fraud was predictably charged with election fraud on Thursday, CNN reports.

Harry Wait, the president of “Honest, Open and Transparent Government,” was charged with two counts of election fraud and two counts of unauthorized use of an individual’s personal identifying information, state officials said.

"The Wisconsin Department of Justice is committed to ensuring that the integrity of our elections is protected from alleged intentional violations of the law," Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul said in a statement.

Wait bragged about fraud:

Wait bragged that he went online in July and ordered ballots in the names of Wisconsin Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, Racine Mayor Cory Mason and others to show the “ease of harvesting election ballots.”

"Breaking the law to save the republic. I’ll take the penalty any day of the week," he told a local news outlet.

Wait “digesting” charges:

Wait told CNN on Thursday he is still “digesting” the criminal complaint.

"The only way to fix our broken election system is to expose it," Wait said.

He called the Wisconsin Elections Commission’s MyVote online system a “rogue site.”

The commission said it "stands by the integrity of the MyVote application" and added that "all forms of voting in Wisconsin, including by-mail absentee, are secure and reliable."


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