Congress Isn't Interested In Reducing The National Debt

America is now over $20 trillion in debt. A huge part of this is due to Congress’ refusal to approve President Trump’s spending cuts. As reported by the New York Times, Congressional lawmakers recently refused to cut health research spending. As a matter of fact, both Republicans and Democrats came together to increase spending in medicine and biology. These Congressional decisions are why America is in the mess it’s in now. At some point, the United States will have to lower its national debt by lowering spending. The higher it gets, the worse the position America is in. Since lawmakers refused to decrease healthcare spending, something else will have to go.

First and foremost, President Trump’s spending cut proposals would have amounted to $26.6 billion. Imagine what this nation could do with such a drastic decrease in debt. Congressional members were elected to serve the needs of the American people. Likewise, President Trump was elected by the American people due to the popularity of his policies and the unbelievably corrupt system in Washington.

Spending has to decrease. Since health research spending obviously won’t be cut, entitlement programs like welfare, EBT, section 8 housing, etc., should be immediately revoked. Of all the programs in America, these are the most parasitic and damaging to hardworking American taxpayers. Many people abuse welfare, EBT, and section 8 housing and believe they are inherently deserving of the fruits of other people’s labor.

Democrats will undoubtedly be outraged by the mere mention of slashing exploitative programs which do nothing more than leech off of industrious Americans. At some point, people have to take responsibility, get up, and make something of themselves. With the national debt at over $20 trillion, this nation can no longer afford to fund and care for grown people who do not want to step up to the plate and pay their own way like every other respectable member of American society.

The need to slash the above entitlement programs becomes even more prevalent, especially in light of the fact that Congress is maliciously targeting the President and undermining his policies. This comes by the admission of Democratic Washington Senator Patty Murray:

I’m pleased that this bill ties the Trump administration’s hands as it tries to undermine family planning issues.

At this point in politics, Congress’ aversion to President Trump is obvious. It seemingly doesn’t matter to them whether or not spending reductions would benefit the nation. Since it was proposed by the President, Congress is bound to oppose it. Congress’ opposition to President Trump exists for countless reasons. One of the main causes has to do with his vows to ‘drain the swamp,’ or, in layman’s terms, halt the unbelievable amount of corruption existing in politics and government.

President Trump is unlike any candidate Congress has ever dealt with before. He says what he means and means what he says. He campaigned to make America great again for the people of this country. In past elections, candidates have run for office, made grandiose promises to the American people, and then done whatever they pleased or whatever their donors requested after securing their desired posts. That ends now. Many Congressional lawmakers will be in for a horribly rude awakening in 2018 when they are voted out of office. Americans see what’s happening in Washington and quite frankly, it’s deplorable.

In light of Congress’ blatant refusal to decrease national spending, it is quite understandable to question their fitness, competency, and levels of intelligence. Does Congress believe there to be no inevitable consequences for endless spending or do they simply not care? Each time Congressional lawmakers reject President Trump’s spending reduction proposals, they are placing the American people at risk for increased interest rates and a stagnant economy. The success, or lack thereof, of the economy directly impacts the prosperity of the average U.S. worker.

Despite the denials and delusions of Congressional lawmakers, the law of unintended consequences remains. In choosing to put funds towards one cause, something else will inevitably suffer as a result. Congress’ choice to justify their decisions is quite frankly meaningless. There may be some lawmakers who truly believe health research spending is a necessity and give credence to the notion that its revocation would hurt Americans. What they don’t take into account is that when funds are severely limited, when debt is through the roof, a spending free-for-all is in the best interests of no one. Lawmakers need to be figuring out how to lower the national debt, not raise it. Their inability to accept this only further serves to prove that America needs new legislators.

As noted by CBS News, Congressional lawmakers will soon have to figure out how to reduce the national debt. This can only be achieved through a severe reduction in spending. The most economically sound way to pursue this venture is through the revocation of welfare, EBT, section 8, and other programs which do nothing but rack up government spending. Imagine how much this nation would flourish if we terminated the aforementioned programs and put all of the recipients back to work. Merely cutting entitlement programs will not completely do away with $20 trillion worth of debt, but it would sure be an excellent step in that direction.

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