Colin Kaepernick: Citizen Of The Year?

I used to read GQ. I mean a lot. I am by no means the most fashionable man in America, but thanks to the tips and subtle cues provided by this publication, I did alright. GQ, at least back then, was a collection of articles and advice that helped men develop their own sense of style. Not just with clothing or hair, it taught us how to carry ourselves in a classy way, while staying somewhat knowledgeable about the world around us.

It was like a less-sleazy Playboy.

But today, like the rest of the dying old media, GQ has plunged off into the deep end. Seriously, we are living in a time when we have to question the sanity of the people running these once-respected institutions. (I mean, when people making comic books are shown to be political hacks, we are living in odd times.)

Just a quick perusal of GQ’s website, you’ll find liberal-induced mania. You won’t have to click long before you find their latest Trump-bashing tirade. Since when did covering the world of fashion and style give them license to attack the President? Sure, Obama looked nice back in his day and warranted a few articles. That doesn’t make GQ the next political commentating powerhouse.

But worse than their desperate rants against the duly elected President is their obsession with Colin Kaepernick. It made sense years ago, when Colin was a rising star in the NFL. Today, he is a symbol of the very worst our culture can produce. Because of his pathetic attempt at appearing progressive, Colin single-handedly damaged one of the biggest institutions in the country.

For this, GQ is calling him Citizen of the Year. Let me find a bag to vomit in.

I guess it’s appropriate title, if your definition of a citizen is: a piece of garbage that seeks glory by trashing his own nation.

I wonder what other countries think when they see American media celebrating people who hate their own country? The media itself hates America; they prove that all the time. They call patriotism racism and respect for the flag white nationalism. Of course, they’d salivate over a hypocrite like Kaepernick.

A possible reason Kaepernick started his kneeling antics was in order to protect his job. In a competitive sport like football, you have to stay in top shape to keep making those big bucks. By the end of the 2015 season, Colin wasn’t up to snuff. People were talking about his possible exit from the sport. As Jay Glazer of Fox Sports wrote at the time:

“He lost a ton of weight this offseason, had three surgeries, couldn’t work out, lost that double threat, that size-speed ratio. No political views, he just hasn’t been effective. He’s regressing as a player. I’d be shocked if he’s on this roster by the end of this year. He may not be on it in the next two weeks.” (NBC Sports)

To his credit, Colin did improve in the 2016. And was performing much better than the other quarterbacks on the 49ers. But, like I said, this is a competitive sport. What better way to ensure the team doesn’t cut you—than by generating controversy off the field? It could have been insurance, if his fortunes didn’t pan out come renegotiation time.

We see his motives in the fact that he’s suing the NFL. Why? His outrageous claim is that the NFL fired him for his “leadership and advocacy for equality and social justice.” Perhaps this was his intention all along: to get back at the league should he get cut.

Let me ask you this: why would the league attack someone for speaking about such important issues? Numerous athletes have tackled political issues in the past, especially the issue of race (Muhammad Ali was one of the greatest examples of this). The NFL’s not stupid. They wouldn’t try to silence an athlete over something like this (obviously, the current commissioner has refused to stop the ongoing protests).

Most likely he was fired because of the negative impact his protest generated. Perhaps it’s because his behavior sparked a hurricane of anger and backlash from the fans.

In short, his attempts at possibly protecting his position in the NFL backfired tremendously.

But what kind of impact has Colin left on the NFL? Fans have expressed outrage over seeing their beloved teams dragged into the mire of politics. Sponsors are pulling out. Viewers literally called for a boycott this Veterans Day just to send a message about the protests. All generated because of Colin’s hissy fit. If this is what a good citizen looks like, our country is doomed.

GQ is too stupid to realize this. They think Colin is fashionable, and assume the brain-dead libtards that read their magazine will just go with it. That’s why they agreed to welcome some of the worst people in history to join Colin for the article.

He helped us assemble a ten-person team of his closest confidants—including rapper J.Cole, director Ava DuVernay, activist Harry Belafonte, and Women’s March co-organizer Linda Sarsour—to speak on the subjects of activism, protest, and equality, and to offer some rare insights into Colin Kaepernick himself. (GQ)

Harry Belafonte? The man who hates America so much he allied with one of our enemies? Linda Sarsour!? Really? Do I have to explain how the woman supports female genital mutilation and Sharia law? These aren’t citizens, GQ, these are enemies of the Republic.

But maybe I’m being too harsh. Maybe Colin is just an honest citizen, doing his best to bring light to real problems. I mean, there are racists in the world. And while I consider Black Lives Matter to be a terrorist organization, that can’t be put on Kaepernick if he wants to highlight police brutality.

The question, though, is: why insult the Flag while doing it? What could have Colin done to bring awareness to these issues, without disrespecting America, the National Anthem, and every last fan of the sport?

He could have gone on numerous interviews to express his views. He could have started a blog, or social media account to better articulate his opinion. He could have written a piece for HuffPo (I’m sure they would have loved that). Hell, he could have started a podcast, YouTube channel, or Twitch stream to get his ideas out there.

Bottom line, if he really wanted to raise awareness for equality and social justice, there were unlimited ways of doing it that didn’t including insulting America. After all, only in the United States could an entitled athlete earn big bucks to throw a ball around as a career. Very few quarterbacks in Venezuela, Iran, or North Korea. So while trying to bring attention to racial issues in America, he insults the very country that has fought for equality for generations.

Are you seeing the contradiction?

That has inspired numerous players to follow his lead. Players, I must stress, that could not enjoy this kind of attention or careers outside of the United States. Players who have benefited from actual Civil Rights movements that have provided real equality and freedom for them and their families.

Now the NFL is hurting. Fans are outraged. The pathetic commissioner refuses to stand up to the protests. Even networks are considering dropping the NFL (due in part to the controversy). How far will it go? Are we watching the beginning of the end of a beloved American pastime? What will be the economic fallout of Colin’s little protest? How many billions will be lost from the U.S. economy? Worse still, how has it damaged American morale, enthusiasm, and comradery?

That damage could be incalculable. Some teams might never recover the fans.

Is that was a true American citizen does? You tell me.

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