CNN's Brian Stelter Goes On Strange Anti-Trump Monologue

The latest in disingenuous, transparent attempts by the former-mainstream media to justify attacks on the president and his supporters came from CNN’s own Brian Stelter. In CNN’s weekly segment, the ironically named ‘Reliable Sources,' Stelter exposed to his viewers that, in his and his colleague's eyes, allegations of racism and calls for impeachment levied against the president have not gone far enough.

The disingenuousness in Stelter’s monologue does not come from CNN’s consistent view that the President is a racist for calling ANTIFA the violent mob that it is. It comes in Stelter’s assertion that such conversations about Trump’s racism are being held off-camera:

“President Trump’s actions and inactions in the wake of Charlottesville are provoking some uncomfortable conversations, mostly off the air if we’re being honest. In discussions among friends and family, and debates on social media, people are questioning the president’s fitness. But these conversations are happening in news rooms and TV studios as well,” Stelter said.

According to Stelter, certain questions have only been asked when the cameras go off, when CNN’s fleet of propagandists still fighting the good fight for the failed Clinton campaign and its cronies are at the bar, sharing their true feelings about the POTUS:

“Usually after the microphones are off, or after the stories are filed, after the paper has been put to bed, people’s concerns, and fears and questions come out. Questions that feel out of bounds, off limits, too hot for TV. Questions like these: Is the president of the United States a racist? Is he suffering from some kind of illness? Is he fit for office? And if he’s unfit, then what?”

Never mind that, in delivering such a monologue under the guise of exposing what goes on in the shadows of CNN, Stelter is stating the beliefs of CNN’s employees and leadership on-air. And the beliefs, which according to Stelter pervade the rank and file of the Commie News Network, are such: Donald Trump is racist. Donald Trump is suffering from some kind of illness. Donald Trump is unfit for office.

And something must be done about it.

Again, the comical aspect of this monologue arises from the numerous, frequent, undeniable, YouTube-documented instances in which CNN’s paid contributors have called the president racist, on air:



The instances in which CNN’s employees have called the president unfit to be human, let alone to lead the United States:



And the instances in which CNN’s guests– in this case, their Democrat ally Al Franken– are prompted to answer questions speculating that Donald Trump is mentally ill:



Brian Stelter wants us to believe that these conversations are only had in the most serious of off-camera dialogues between CNN’s journalistically ethical “reporters.” Because, as Stelter admits, such allegations would be unethical to air on national television, even to an audience as uncritical as CNN’s.

Forget for a moment that these allegations have been levied on air, continuously, since Trump’s election. Forget that Stelter and his bosses– who no doubt dictated the talking points of the day– have been proven time and again to be liars, this time with respect to what conversations are had on and off the air.

Consider why and to what end such a monologue was issued this week. Why, after all, would CNN’s host imply that such conversations should be had on-camera and in the public eye, an assertion evidenced by Stelter’s own public airing of such beliefs?

The answer is simple, and the motive is obvious: Stelter, and more importantly CNN, wants the open, unchecked, and unprecedented undermining of democracy and common sense to continue. They want the anarchy and stifling of free speech being carried out by ANTIFA and its copy cats to escalate in magnitude and intensity.

Stelter had the gall to state that the media, and Trump’s citizen critics, have been “tiptoeing” when it comes to criticizing, and outright slandering, the president:

“My impression is that since President Trump’s inauguration, there’s been a lot of tiptoeing going on,” added Mr. Stelter.

Stelter knows firsthand how disingenuous his words are, that they are outright lies. One month into the Trump presidency Stelter labeled the president’s words as “a verbal form of poison” and said the President instills “fear in many people.”

But CNN’s open, unveiled attacks on the president– apparent attempts to increase the fervor and frenzy of those calling for his baseless impeachment– have not been limited to its own employees. The station’s choices in guests are, almost without exception, limited to those who fall in line with the Trump-bashing agenda.

Take Carl Bernstein, for example. The former Washington Post reporter was happy to feed into Stelter’s own assertions that the president is “poison” to the nation, the leader representing a new brand of fascism:

“I think we need to look at the past. And I’m not talking about Hitlerism and genocide, and I’m not making a direct parallel to Mussolini -- but a kind of American fascism that we haven’t seen before, different than George Wallace who was merely a racist. This goes to authoritarianism. It goes to despotism. The desire for a strong man who doesn’t trust the institutions of democracy and government,” Bernstein said.

So, according to Bernstein, Trump’s brand of ‘fascism’ goes beyond George Wallace– the governor who rightfully became the face of segregation– because he was merely a racist. Trump, logic follows, is a racist, but also much more. His brand of fascism transcends mere racism.

Keep in mind this is one month into the presidency. With media-driven anti-Trump narratives–  including the one that says calling ANTIFA what it is qualifies as pro-Nazi sentiment– steadily escalating as months go by, the president’s critics have been granted free reign to call for the disintegration of democracy as we know it.

Commit violence against those practicing free speech? 

CNN will cheer, calling you anti-racist.

Shout-down and intimidate those who hold opposing views?

Huzzah! You’ve confronted the modern Nazis, says CNN.

With deceptive headlines such as ‘Trump Rally Turns Violent,’ CNN, MSNBC, and other former-mainstream media outlets have condoned and fomented open tyranny, and the assault and battery of right-leaning Americans.

We have all seen it, and we have seen it through the cameras of CNN, which were decidedly turned on. We did not need Stelter’s revelations about conversations had off-camera by CNN’s employees– though Trump hating certainly happens when the lights are off, too– to realize that most of the media openly calls for the overthrow of the sitting president.

But, such a bullshit monologue is valuable in this sense: it once again exposes CNN and its ilk as complicit in the agenda of the left, which now constitutes the advocacy of unfounded allegations against the president and the tactics of violent groups such as BLM and ANTIFA.

Those who still go to CNN for political news and advice will feel justified in their irrational disdain for supposed Nazi sympathizers, which in reality is a hatred of equal accountability, free speech, and conservativism.

Those who have long written off the network as left-leaning propaganda will find validation in their decision to remove their head from the sand.

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