CNN Host Chris Cuomo Used His Sources To Help Brother Andrew Cuomo Get Info on Accusers

CNN host Chris Cuomo used his sources to help find information on one of the women who accused former Gov. Andrew Cuomo of sexual harassment, CNBC reports.

Cuomo previously admitted that he helped advise his brother during the scandal but records released by the New York Attorney General’s office on Monday show he played a larger role than previously reported.

Texts released by prosecutors show that Cuomo was regularly in touch with Melissa DeRosa, his brother’s top aide, about an upcoming report by journalist Ronan Farrow detailing allegations against his brother.

“Please let me help with the prep,” Cuomo texted DeRosa in March.

Three days later, The New York Times reported an incident in which Andrew Cuomo kissed a younger woman, Anna Ruch, without consent during a wedding.

“I have a lead on the wedding girl,” Cuomo wrote to DeRosa.                                 

On March 12, Cuomo sent DeRosa a statement he wanted his brother to release.

“I will not resign, I cannot resign,” the texted statement says. “I understand the political pressure I understand the stakes of political warfare, and that’s what this is… And I understand the conformity that can be forced by cancel culture.”

Cuomo admitted using sources to get info:

Cuomo told investigators that he used “sources” at media outlets to probe for information about stories regarding his brother.

“I would – when asked, I would reach out to sources, other journalists, to see if they had heard of anybody else coming out,” Cuomo told investigators in a transcript released by the AG’s office.

“And so you heard from someone some information about Anna Ruch. Who is the person you heard information from?” an investigator asked.

“A source,” Cuomo replied.

Cuomo also said he spoke with “another journalist” about the Farrow story.

“Did u get any more intel?” DeRosa asked in a text about the story.

“Story not ready for tomorrow,” Cuomo replied.

“If ronan has nothing better than Boylan that’s a great sign,” he wrote in another text, referring to Lindsey Boylan, the first woman to accuse Cuomo.

CNN investigates:

 "The thousands of pages of additional transcripts and exhibits that were released today by the NY Attorney General deserve a thorough review and consideration," CNN said in a statement. "We will be having conversations and seeking additional clarity about their significance as they relate to CNN over the next several days."


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