CNBC Confuses Andrew Yang for Venture Capitalist Geoff Yang

A CNBC graphic mistakenly showed venture capitalist Geoff Yang instead of presidential candidate Andrew Yang while touting his fundraising totals.

“I see Andrew Yang every day, and I can’t remember him ever looking like this,” wrote Yang press secretary Erick Sanchez.

"Ummm. This is @geoff_yang and I am NOT running for President,” wrote the other Yang.

It’s worth noting that the graphic was botched beyond just Yang’s photo.

The graphic also mistakenly used a photo of New York Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, who left the race months ago, instead of Hawaii Rep. Tulsi Gabbard.

Yang just ended his MSNBC boycott:

The mix-up came after Yang ended his self-imposed boycott of sister network MSNBC.

“I am sitting down for a remote interview with Chris Hayes from South Carolina tonight,” he said before the appearance, according to Deadline. .”Chris, and other MSNBC journalists, have reached out to me and the team in the past days. I decided that I’d prefer to speak to as many Americans as possible — our message is too important.”

Boycott was prompted by coverage:

“MSNBC omitted Yang from prominent parts of its 2020 coverage, angering the candidate and his supporters. He also decried the amount of speaking he had at November’s Democratic debates, co-moderated by MSNBC and the Washington Post. Prior to the debate, MSNBC also excluded Yang from graphics on polling and previewing the debate,” Deadline reported.

CNN has also come under fire for excluding Yang from their on-screen graphics.


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