Celebrity Hypocrisy : In Defense Of Melania Trump

For a group that professes to be champions of (illegal) immigrants, the entertainment industry sure houses a bunch of people eager and willing to mock people with accents.

They disregard the fact that Melania Trump actually has a firm grasp on speaking and interpreting English. She has been working in the United States since 1996 and became a citizen in 2006.

It’s the fact that she has an accent, a characteristic completely beyond her- or anybody’s- control, that makes her a target for the likes of Gigi Hadid, Chelsea Handler, and other bloviating “celebrities.”

In a recent interview, Handler had some pointed remarks regarding Melania potentially coming on her show as a guest (a very much hypothetical problem Handler would never have to worry about, for obvious reasons):

“Melania? To talk about what? She can barely speak English.”

Now for the humor portion of the show. The only kind Handler is now capable of, the unintentional kind.

Asked what issue most concerned her under the new administration?


With not a droplet of irony or self-mockery in her voice.

The woman who just disparaged a foreigner’s accent mere seconds ago now gives a straight-faced testimonial concerning her fear of racism.

You can’t make this shit up.

But, as we know, this has become the modern liberal narrative.

Instead of formulating coherent, logic-based arguments against the policies of Donald Trump, they would much rather resort to unoriginal ad-hominem attacks against his wife.

As they put on a march espousing unity among women.

You know, except that dirty foreigner in the White House. Not that woman, she can’t even speak English.

Nobody said IQ or even talent was a prerequisite for becoming famous, and the latest rash of kindergarten-level insults from Handler and model Gigi Hadid are proof of this fact.

Do these celebrities not realize they are essentially mocking any immigrant, any person without that vanilla, ironically mock-able California twang in their diction?

Hadid’s father is a Palestinian born in Israel, and her mother is from the Netherlands. And yet, Hadid thought that mocking Melania’s accent was a way to portray the first lady as an imbecilic model hitched to a human gravy train.

She’s not only mocking foreigners, including her parents and grandparents, but she's also lumping models- her own profession- into the butt of her “comedic routine.” 

It is a bizarre lack of self-awareness on the highest level.

Which brings me to my next point- if you are going to mock a foreigner in an attempt to portray them as a dunce incapable of learning the English language, it seems like you couldn’t have found a less suitable example. We’re talking about a woman who was born in Communist Yugoslavia, who made her own way as a successful model, and a hell of a lot more, before getting hitched to the Donald.

It is no coincidence that her accent, and the fact that she married an older man who these celebrities suddenly detest (where was the Trump = Hitler talk pre-2016?) is a common thread in the mockery of Melania.

If they cared enough to search for insults more grounded in Melania’s actual makeup as a person, they would simply be at a loss. What she has achieved through her own willpower, determination, and yes, intelligence would leave these comedians grasping at straws.

Leading these alleged entertainers to an obvious conclusion:

Why assess the content of someone’s character when their inherent, unchanging traits constitute the lowest hanging fruit?

The answer: because they might encounter something that ultra-liberal celebrities cower in the face of, something that almost always defies their narrative of the day: facts.

Facts such as these:

It’s been widely reported that Melania speaks five languages, including English, fluently.

By most indications, Handler and Hadid combined speak an impressive one.

She has been responsible for the launch and maintenance of two companies, jewelry and skin care lines in 2010 and 2013, respectively.

Chelsea Handler has an unwatchable show streaming on Netflix while Hadid does not venture far from modeling, which is understandable after witnessing her foray into impersonations.

Not to mention, Melania appears to be happily married and a loving mother.

For your sake, we won’t get into the relationship histories of Hadid and Handler. We’ll just say Donald Trump would be a prize compared to their former partners.

But why talk about accomplishments?

That would mean separating the woman from her husband, treating her as more than a pretty face with a strong Slovenian accent.

That would mean straying from a narrative that has condoned selective disparagement of immigrants while insisting that Donald Trump is the bigot.

Why go through the trouble, when it is so much easier to mock her accent?

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