On-A-Care, Off-A-Care?

It’s been close to one week since Mr. Donald Trump was elected to be the 45th President of the United States of America.  Since that historic day, the world seems to have been flipped upside down. Many American citizens, and people across the world, basically became fearful for their future.

One reason was that President-elect Donald Trump repeatedly and passionately declared throughout his campaign that he would repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.  In his first post-election televised interview with ‘60 Minutes’, Trump told interviewer Lesley Stahl that a conversation with current President Barack Obama helped him shape his current view on Obama care: one that contradicts his promise to his supporters on the campaign trail.

He also confirmed with the reputable Wall Street Journal that it was “his meeting with Mr. Obama on Thursday that had made him reconsider his calls for an all-out replacement of the Affordable Care Act” (http://cnn.it/2f1eUTb). He continued to explain, “Obama urged him to protect parts of the law.”  (http://cnn.it/2f1eUTb).  Trump said he would like to “keep the provision forbidding discrimination based on pre-existing conditions and to allow young Americans to remain on parents' health care plans”  (http://cnn.it/2f1eUTb).

According to BBC News, in a separate interview with CBS, Trump said, “the parts of Mr. Obama's health care bill he was ‘going to try to keep’ were ‘the strongest assets’ and that the changes would provide Americans with ‘great health care for much less money’ 

During the 60 Minutes interview, he insisted that there wouldn’t be a stalling period that would affect millions of people. Instead, he would simultaneously repeal and replace aspects of the Affordable Care Act to avoid a stalling period.

Interestingly, as BBC News further explains, "Repeal and replace - with emphasis on the former over the latter - has been the Republican mantra when it comes to Barack Obama's healthcare reform for the past six years.” Donald Trump repeatedly called Obamacare a "disaster" and promised something much better if he were elected president.

At a rally in Scranton, Pennsylvania, he told supporters and attendees, “Look at the mess, and look at the corruption: real change begins immediately with the repealing and replacing of the disaster known as Obamacare" (http://cnn.it/2f1eUTb).

The rally was just one day before the election.

So why the sudden change of heart, President-Elect Donald J. Trump?

The timing of Mr. Trump’s new view on Obamacare comes at a very interesting time:  since the announcement of his presidency, American citizens and people around the world have demanded his impeachment. Riots and rallies in New York, Atlanta, Oregon, Los Angeles and more are a strong signal that many are unhappy with the election results. However, Republicans seem to have dominated at the polls. If Trump starts changing his stances on critical issues that won his devoted supporters over, how will #TrumpNation react?

Whether Trump does keep his promises or not will remain a mystery. We’ll have to stay tuned to the newest and most surreal reality show: Running America with Donald J. Trump.



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